USHEALTH Group Helps Bring Insurance to Self-Employed Individuals

For years, self-employed individuals had a difficult time getting the health insurance they needed. When the Affordable Care Act went into effect, millions of self-employed people scrambled to get the health insurance they needed. Many of them did not have the amount of money they would need to pay the fine and many had not had health insurance for many years. Because of this, there were problems with those who had the ability to get the insurance they needed. It was a huge problem, but it was one that USHEALTH Group was willing to help people with. They had been there all along, but they felt they were especially necessary in the time after the ACA when people were desperate for health insurance. USHEALTH Group felt they could step up and be exactly what each person needed if they were going to have the right type of health insurance for their employment status. Read more about US Health Group on

Self-employed individuals do not get the benefit of having an employer who pays for all, or even some, of their health insurance plan. Since insurance plans were so expensive in the past, self-employed people just had to deal with not having health insurance. USHEALTH Group changed that to make sure they could help people who were self-employed. They wanted everyone to have the coverage they needed no matter how they worked or where they worked. It was important to USHEALTH Group to make this a possibility on different levels of insurance plans.

The other area where USHEALTH Group felt they could be influential was with small businesses. The company knew many small businesses didn’t have the support they needed for the best health insurance for their employees. Because of this, some employees had to do without health insurance. Other employees had to pay extremely high premiums. Some of them may not even have a paycheck because they were paying so much money for the life-sustaining insurance they had with their employer. Out of all the things they had to offer, their insurance plans were the best for people who needed their coverage in every way possible.

The ACA has made things harder for some insurance companies. The USHEALTH Group has not suffered in the way most insurance companies have. They knew they could stay active in the insurance industry because they were used to providing the type of coverage everyone now needed with the ACA. They knew a lot about the coverage they would have to provide and they were able to make the changes necessary. As an insurance provider for self-employed individuals and small businesses, USHEALTH Group was prepared to give everyone the changes that were necessary to comply with the ACA that became a federal law. Learn more:


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