Transformation Story of George Soros

George Soros is a famous American based Philanthropist, entrepreneur and a great hedge fund manager. He has been greatly recognized for his great efforts in changing the world status and have always worked towards success. He has dedicated his life towards making things happen and has been on the frontline pursuing success. Soros as a great philanthropist has been able to give out over $32 billion through the famous open society foundations. He has been on the frontline [pursuing success and his passion to help people has been awesome. The great Soros has been on the frontline helping people fight for what they believe is theirs. He has always been there to help people who are often despised for who they are. Open Society Foundation has been able to help fight for accountable governments, freedom of expression and also fighting for democracy against many other things.

George Soros early life has been able to make him change and become a different person because of what he went through while he was young. He was born in Hungary in the year 1930. When he was only 13 years, his motherland was invaded by Nazi group from Germany and that was the beginning of all the problems. He was able to face a lot of difficulties because he happened to have come from a Jewish family. When the country was invaded, all the children from the Jewish families were being denied the right to education. They could be sent back to the Jewish council which happened to have been a very serious problem. George Soros’ father was a great lawyer and had a lot of experience in the registration field. He had also been imprisoned for more before and during the World War 1. He later ran escaped from Russia where he would later join his family at Budapest.

There was also a great war in Budapest and his father decided to change the family’s documents from Jewish to Christianity. It was called the siege of Budapest and they were able to suffer big time because of what they faced. A lot of people were massacred during that time because it was a house to house operation. Over 500, 000 people lost their lives but George Soros and family were spared. His father also played a very big role towards helping other people escape the siege. He has been on the frontline fighting poor governance and his mission in life is to help others and

George Soros after high school immigrated to England whereby he could study his University education. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in social sciences specifically Philosophy. That was back in 1951 and later went back to the same school for a master’s degree. He later left for the United States in 1957 where he could start his finance career. He was an excellent student who studied finance and worked great for nothing else but success. His mission in life was to achieve and to make his ends meet. He has been on the frontline pursuing success, and more information click here.

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