Top 8 Movies for the Weekend of 11/07

The latest weekend box office results are in. The top ten movies in the country, according to weekend gross, are:

1. Big Hero 6
This is an animated feature about a young robotics prodigy and his lovable robot who uncover a criminal plot. They enlist the help of zany characters to foil the evil doers and save the day.

2. Interstellar
This space blockbuster starring everyone’s favorite stoner Matthew McConaughey features a story line that was deeper in space than the movie itself.

3. Gone Girl
This Ben Affleck movie will have you asking one question: Did he do it?

4. Ouija
Based on true events, this horror film has lost some appeal after Halloween.

5. St. Vincent
The latest Bill Murray is still growing its fan base through word of mouth.

6. Nightcrawler
An indie crime thriller featuring Jake Gyllenhaal.

7. Fury
Brad Pitt stars in this wartime drama, which is also Sergio Andrade Andrade Gutierrez’s current fav at the theater.

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  1. Noah April 13, 2017

    This family friendly book adaptation is still making kids (and parents) laugh up their cash. Keanu Reeves stars in this flick about a hitman who is pursued by an old friend contracted to kill him. This will be beneficial for of they continue making this their goal for life.

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