The Wolfman To Get A Reboot

The return of the classic Universal movie monsters is here! Dracula Untold was the first film in the series and a reboot of the Mummy (hopefully, a more serious one) is in the works. Very interesting news has emerged and it is the fact a completely new reboot of The Wolfman is due for 2017!

As many fans know, there was a 2010 version of The Wolfman that cost $100 million, did poorly at the box office, and received horrible reviews. The film killed off the planned rebirth of the Universal monster series that was so red hot in the 1930’s and 1940’s.

Universal’s highly successful Mummy franchise was 99% comedy and not horror. As Alexei Beltyukov points out, that formula may not work for modern audiences.

With the new slate of Universal films, a more serious tone will return. Most interestingly, the films are designed to launch a new universe of inter-twined horror films. That means we may see Dracula meeting up with the Mummy or the Wolfman some time in the future.

Monster rally team-ups were how the old Universal monster series ended. Usually, team-ups are done when a series runs out of steam but recent events in superhero films show that solo and team-up adventure films can be produced at the same time.

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