Talkspace and Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps is a swimming champion. Michael just partnered with Talkspace, an online therapy company for a campaign on the national TV that will be addressing the stigma that is associated with mental illness. Talkspace is an organization that connects clients with qualified therapists whom them can reach using their tablets, smartphones, and computers. On the campaign, Phelps will be talking about his life and how depression affected him. He aims that the campaign will encourage people to talk about mental illness as well as seek help through therapy. Moreover, he looks forward to teaching people suffering from anxiety and depression that there is hope including the solution to the condition. Additionally, through the campaign, Phelps aims at letting people know everybody can access this solution and it is affordable.

Michael Phelps has more knowledge when it comes to the world of mental health advocacy. Moreover, he is devoted to data-driven improvements in the sector. Thus, his involvement in the campaign is very valuable to the advisory board of Talkspace. Talkspace aims to become the central part when it comes to people handling their mental health according to the CEO of the company, Oren Frank. Currently, mental health is the dominant topic in most of the public discussion. However, while these discussions are taking place, the stigma associated with mental health has not received the much attention that it requires. Talkspace aims to put the message across that anyone can suffer from depression and there is a solution.

The coming into existences of such companies that offer online therapy like Talkspace shows that there is an expansion in mental health access to an increasing segment of the population. People who had received a solution from therapy before but claimed that there was a lot of stigma, as well as the time barrier, can now smile with companies like Talkspace being available. Talkspace Company offers online therapy services to its clients via their computers, smartphones as well as their tablets. The company brings together a professional therapist and the client to have a dialogue and find a solution to the problem of the client. The primary objective of the company is to eliminate mental health stigma.

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