Star Wars: The Last Jedi To Be Released With Tons of Bonus Footage Including Deleted Scenes

One thing that many people will say about Star Wars: The Last Jedi is that it was disappointing. This is far removed from the phenomenon that was released back in the late 70s and early 80s. The Last Jedi has turned out to be a mess that has shown a lot of disrespect to the characters. It was as if The Last Jedi was trying to be unexpected for the sake of being unexpected. Kinda like a dark age Shaymalan movie with all of the twists. Given that there are plenty of deleted scenes being released, it is possible that this might’ve been a good movie that has cut all of the wrong scenes out.

The Blu-ray is going to of course have tons of features that will enhance the experience. Therefore, people will not only be able to enjoy the film, but they will also be able to get some insights on the making of the film. As a matter of fact, the Blu-ray is going to have features that are similar to what DVDs used to have in the golden age. Among the features is a commentary from the director that will go into all of the things that went into making the movie.

Given that there are a lot of deleted scenes, there are probably tons of good bits that will probably make the movie better. As for the movies, the best to hope for is to get a great follow up to The Last Jedi. The next movie that is in the Star Wars franchise is called Solo. This one will feature that adventures of a Young Han Solo as he goes on with his daily life. It will also feature another famous Star Wars character named Lando Calrissian, who Han Solo has had a history with.

While The Last Jedi has had its critics, even this movie has its fans. While a lot of stuff that has been set up in The Force Awakens has taken a disappointing turn, there is still a chance that everything could be corrected in the next film.

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