St. Vincent Review

St. Vincent is your typical Indie-type film with an atypical story-line and a cast of interesting characters. The names that this movie yields are certainly impressive such as, the beloved Bill Murray who is known for playing the quirky type. The hilarious Melissa McCarthy also plays a key role in this film, as she plays a single mother in need of a babysitter for her preteen son. Naomi Watts is also featured as the sexy co-star.

The mother hires her alcoholic, gambling, and otherwise not-so-nice neighbor to care for her child while she works long hours as a nurse. The child is exposed to a lot of worldly behaviors, but he ends up forming a bond with his neighbor.

I saw the trailer on FreedomPop awhile back and I was sold. If you’re interested be sure to check out the rating information and the trailer is available on the the St. Vincent site.

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  1. Noah February 6, 2017

    The young lad attends a Catholic school and the story-line seems to play on religion vs. the real world. There seems to be a meaningful message intertwined regarding true religion being defined by loving your neighbor, with a pun intended. It is as simple as having things that top essay writing service reviews do hope all things could be done so well.

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