Sony’s Spider-Man Franchise is Aimless

Is Sony adrift with its Spider-Man franchise?

After rebooting the extremely popular series into the new Amazing Spider-Man direction, things have not gone all that well for the web-swinger, Marvel Films, and Sony Pictures. While the films have earned money, they are clearly well below the popularity and critical acclaim of various other Marvel (and D.C.) films.

Rumors are swirling that an Aunt May movie is in the works. Hopefully, that will remain a rumor in the eyes of Jared Haftel. He is not a fan of that idea.

For one, Spider-Man works when the focus is on him. Not when it is on a huge array of characters.

Furthermore, the various characters born from the Spider-Man realm are not great in their own series. The Punisher is a perfect example of this. Turning the Green Goblin into the star of his own series won’t work and Venom might just be seen as a Spider-Man clone. (Which the character really is)

Of course, it is possible that Sony could get the series back on track. Yet, even casual observers realize that without Sam Raimi at the helm this series is adrift.

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  1. Noah April 27, 2017

    What is not really a rumor is Sony wants to greatly expand the Spider-Man series into a huge number of spin-offs. This is a bad idea on a number of levels. The crises that was looming was for custom assignments to get everything under their belt and ensure all things work together for the good in them too.

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