The Rise of Black Panther

There are few movies in the African American community that have received the type of praise that Black Panther has received. It has become a blockbuster that has shattered box office records when it comes to pre-tickets sales and box office holiday tickets sales. There is a reason for all of the hype. It is based on the popularity of the first black superhero.

Black Panther is not a new character. This is actually a character that has been around since the late sixties. The inclusion of this character and superhero in movies has been long overdue. Kids that have grown up have seen Superman and Spiderman movies over and over again, but so many of them have never had a chance to see a black hero. This is what makes it such a monumental time.

There are a lot of people that look at the role that Black Panther played and they wonder if it is possible to change the perspective about African and African Americans. It is totally possible that this movie may be something that bridges the gap when it comes to the way that black people are preceived in Hollywood. It is difficult for many for a single movie to change perception, but in the way that this movie is evolving it is obvious that this is the movie that is already going to change many perceptions about black people and Hollywood.

Tinseltown is always changing and evolving and it appears that African Americans and women in greater movie rolls are the talk of the town right now so many people are looking at the way that the movie industry has changed the perception of what is being done in the world of black Hollywood.

There’s also a black director that is overseeing the whole project. This gives it an even bigger reason for more black people to celebrate. It has definitely becoming the movie that people are going to talk about many years after it has been made because now it forces Marvel Comics to actually include the Black Panther in new and upcoming movies where all of the superheroes are coming together. It has been a long time coming, but that time is finally here for the black superhero.

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