“Peanuts” to Combine Old and New

They’re making a 3D, CGI version of Charlie Brown and the rest of the Peanuts gang.

No, calm down, it might actually be good.

The film is being produced by Paul Feig, directed by Steve Martino and was co-written by Peanut creator Charles Schulz’s own son and grandson, Craig and Brian Schulz. Images have already been released, and they are considerably less “in your face” than most CGI animation, coming off more like beautiful paintings come to life.

Also, archival recordings of the late Bill Melendez will be used to voice Snoopy and Woodstock. What we’re saying is, they’re keeping this movie pretty old school in a lot of interesting ways.

The plot will involve Charlie Brown going on a quest “to get something he’s sure he needs,” but which may turn out to be less necessary than he had believed. And based on those promotional images, it will include all the most famous Peanuts characters and all the heart of the original comics and TV specials. Susan McGalla is glad that all the characters are making a return.

Also, Martino said that he and Craig Schulz went on biplane rides in order to make the CGI Red Baron dogfights.

There will be 3D, CGI Red Baron dogfights. I think I need to sit down.

The creators have promised to avoid pop culture humor like so many similar works, so can this be good? We can only hope.

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