New ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Clip Shows Black Order Vs. Avengers

On Thursday, actor Anthony Mackie stopped by “Good Morning America” to discuss the upcoming “Avengers: Infinity War” movie. It’s expected to be one of the biggest superhero movies ever as it will feature the greatest collection of Avengers superheroes together in one film. Not only will it feature heroes, but some brand new villains who have yet to appear on the big screen. A clip shown on “GMA” during Mackie’s appearance gave viewers a look at some of those villains known as “The Black Order” in the Marvel comics.

The “Good Morning America” YouTube channel features a video of Mackie discussing the upcoming movie. Mackie, who plays the superhero Falcon in the “Avengers” movies, said he was only allowed to see about 25 pages of the movie script, but joked there was another 250 pages of it. He mentioned that he mainly got to take a look at the part of the script focusing on the movie’s final battle.

Mackie also spoke about the improvisation that took place while filming due to the fact so many different characters from the Marvel cinematic universe were assembled together for the first time. That provided a collection of acting talents which spanned all of the Marvel films that have been released so far.

For example, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, and the Guardians of the Galaxy characters weren’t featured in “Captain American: Civil War,” while many of the other superheroes in “Infinity War” were part of that previous film. That makes for a lot of new interactions in the newest movie.

The folks at “GMA” also showed a very brief clip from the movie which shows Black Widow and Captain America battling members of the Black Order. Mackie’s Falcon eventually flies in to give an assist to help them take advantage of the numbers game. After the clip is finished, Mackie explained how he performed his “swift kick” move, thanks to the help of a skilled stuntman.

For those unfamiliar, the Black Order consists of three villains who act as Thanos’ henchmen. They are Ebony Maw, Cull Obsidian, and Proxima Midnight. Their roles are handled in the upcoming film by Terry Notary, Tom Vaughan-Lawlor, and Carrie Coon. Prior to the new clip’s release, fans had seen one part of the trailer in which Doctor Strange is confronted by one of the Black Order.

The wait will be over for movie fans as “Avengers: Infinity War” is set for release in theaters on Friday, April 27th all around the United States.

Final Deadpool Trailer Drops a Month Ahead of Its Release

When Deadpool hit theaters two years ago, it proved to be an overwhelming success, smashing box office records and becoming the second-highest grossing R-rated movie of all time. And now everyone’s favorite merc with a mouth is back for his second big screen outing which is sure to be a big hit with critics and audiences alike. Just a month ahead of its release, the final trailer for Deadpool 2 had dropped and promises even more violence and hilarity than we got in the first film. The franchise is known for making various pop culture references and homages such as Cocoon and Say Anything. The film is set to introduce a fan-favorite character, Cable, as well as set up a spinoff film for the X-Force.
Although not much is known about the plot of the newest installment in the X-Men franchise, we do know the film will see Cable travel from the future to collect some kid named Russell and the merc with a mouth will be forming his own team to protect him. The X-force will consist of such heroes as Domino, Bedlam, Shatterstar and some guy named Peter. Black Tom Cassady was set to be the villain of the sequel but, for some unspecified reason, that character will no longer be involved in this film. So while it’s unclear who the main villain will be, it still looks to be a fun time for superhero enthusiasts and fanboys alike.
The film is riding high off the success of its last movie and, while some critics believe Deadpool’s time has passed, I am fully confident that the film will be every bit as a big of a success as its predecessor. Josh Brolin has currently signed a four-picture deal to play the Chosen One so expect to see more of Cable in the future. Of course, the film production hasn’t been all fun and games as a stuntwoman died in a motorcycle accident during shooting of the sequel but, for the most part, they’ve been able to film without many hiccups. With much hype surrounding the film, it’s poised to do quite well at the box office during its opening weekend. The highly-anticipated sequel will be hitting theaters Friday, May 18 and we wish them much success.

Tyler Perry Keeps Drama Movie Addicts Coming Back for More

“Acrimony” is the movie that is boxing out the competition when it comes to films about relationships. This is easy for Tyler Perry to do. This has become the thing that he is known for.

There were already movies for kids in 2018 like “Peter Rabbit” and “A Wrinkle in Time.” There are action packed movies out there like “Black Panther” that have hit the billion-dollar mark. There seemed to be something for everyone, but drama was missing. Perry supplied that.

The great thing about Tyler Perry is that he already has a formula in place. He knows what his fan base is interested in, and this is what allows him to make dramas where the people that support him will come out.

Many moviegoers were interested in seeing what the Taraji P Henson would do when it came to this movie. This is the type of role that she is good with. It is also the type of movie that allows her to do more of the things that are typical when it comes to aggression and fighting back. This is what Tyler Perry uses as the formula that gets moviegoers of the female persuasion to support his films.

There are many people that appreciate what Tyler Perry has done with black cinema. He has proven himself to be a champion when it comes to movies that are designed for relationship dramas. He has become someone that has perfected this in so many ways that it becomes easier for him to do these movies than it is for him to branch out into other areas like comedy. He has tried his hand in various comedy films, but drama seems to be his first love. It is always a thing that keeps people interested in what he is doing.

This movie made over $20 million first weekend. It has grossed twice as much in this time frame since it opened it. The reviews from critics have not been great, but it has still been able to draw a crowd. It has become a common thing for Tyler Perry films to get bad reviews but still do very well at the box office. This all hinges on the support of his fans that love these films.

Sussex Healthcare Looks Forward To A Bright Future After Its Successful First 25 Years

Health Quality Service accredited Sussex Healthcare recently celebrated its 25-year anniversary as a provider of care to adults who have specialized requirements. The company specializes in the care of the elderly as well as the care of patients who have had traumatic brain injuries or suffer from conditions in the Alzheimer’s and Dementia ranges. The company also holds a large range of accreditations bestowed by the ISO (International Organization for Standardization).


Sussex was founded in 1985 by its Joint Chairman Shafik Sachedina and is using the achievement of 25 years in business as a way to also look forward to a bright future in the patient care business. From its start in 1985, the company has seen a great expansion of its reach and services. Today, Sussex Healthcare operates more than twenty care home facilities in the greater Sussex region.


Sussex Healthcare fills a vital niche in the health and patient care industries. The last decade has seen a large increase in the demand for the type of services that Sussex Healthcare offers. Shortages in the nursing field make entities like Sussex vital in ensuring that patients with the special needs that the company handles are able to receive the care that they need. The expert caregivers at Sussex Healthcare specialize in being able to evaluate patients and determine what sorts of treatments and activities will be beneficial to them in order to live their lives to the fullest extent possible. Residents of Sussex facilities have access to game rooms, crafting and gym facilities among other benefits of residing in one of the company’s homes.


With the support of Sussex Health Care’s Training Academy and the quality of the nursing teams, Sussex Healthcare are able to care for senior people who have a variety of complex health and social care needs and, in addition, offer respite and residential care.


Recently Sussex Healthcare announced that it was looking to add to its roster of caregivers as well as needing to fill roles in the areas of physical therapy, nursing and administrative positions. Prospective candidates must be able to demonstrate a high level of ability at working within a team structure and must be able to manage not only residents but also their family members. Experience is always a plus, but Sussex Healthcare is always happy to provide training to candidates who have the right attitude. Working for Sussex Healthcare can be an incredibly rewarding experience in terms of making a huge difference in the lives of the patients the organization serves. It also comes with some great benefits such as apprenticeships, paid breaks and bonus rates for weekend work. Interested individuals who think they have what it takes to work for an outstanding company that is making a big difference in the lives of its patients are encouraged to inquire on Sussex Healthcare’s website. See This Article for more information.



Lucasfilm Promotes New Film Worldwide

Lucasfilm has recently been promoting their new movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story, which will be released in the United States on May 25th. The Hollywood Reporter recently announced that the movie will be releasing on May 25th in China as well. In an effort to promote the movie in China, Lucasfilm has renamed it Ranger Solo, omitting the “A Star Wars Story” portion of the title.

A new poster for the movie was also released in the UK today, where the release date for the movie is one day ahead of the US and China release dates. The poster features the heroes, as well as notably displaying two villains who have not been given much advertising as of yet – Enfys Nest and Dryden Vos, the first of whom continues to be seen only in her armor. So far, the announced cast includes Alden Ehrenreich as the dashing title character, Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian, Woody Harrelson as Beckett, and Emilia Clarke as Kira, all of whom appear on the poster as well. Ehrenreich, Glover, and Clarke all have prominent roles on the new poster, as well as Chewbacca, Solo’s lovable and monstrous furry companion. The marketing so far for Solo: A Star Wars Story, looks very exciting, and it’s projected to earn $10 million in its opening weekend in the US.

The official trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story was released earlier this month on the 8th. It takes a somewhat different tone from many of the other Star Wars movies, appearing to be much more lighthearted than movies such as Rogue One and even more lighthearted than the main movies such as The Force Awakens, although it does highlight the dramatic nature that is common to all Star Wars movies. In it, the villain Enfys Nest asks Solo if he’s after revenge, as Solo removes the safety on his pistol. The trailer also highlights the relationship between Chewbacca and Solo, with Solo learning the true age of his companion and commenting that he looks great for 190 years old. The trailer also links to the main franchise, with Beckett instructing Solo to assume everyone will betray him.

James Dondero and His Efforts to Improve the City of Dallas

James Dondero is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management based in Dallas, Texas. The firm is among the most dominant alternative credit managers not only in the United States but across the world. The investment company primarily focuses on several unique credit accounts, credit hedge funds, and private equity accounts.

James Dondero popularly known as Jim is a graduate of finance and accounts from the University of Virginia’s prestigious McIntire School of Commerce. He joined JP Morgan Chase & Co. training program in 1984 which propelled him to earn a job opportunity at American Express. Here, James work involved managing fixed income funds totaling $1 billion for over three years. Later, he joined Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as the chief investment officer; he grew the subsidiary from just a concept into a $2 billion enterprise. Learn more about James Dondero at Affiliate Dork.

When James Dondero started Highland Capital, he had the people of Dallas in mind. He has been involved in many endeavors that help improve the lives of the communities around Dallas. James has recently funded the re-opening of the Dallas Zoo hippo habitat that was closed in 2001 with a $1 million donation. His efforts also attracted other donors who contributed a total of $13 million to enable the completion of the project. Today, local visitors and tourists can enjoy and view the hippo habitat from the beautiful Highland Capital Lodge. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.

James Dondero and Highland Capital are involved in various other charitable organizations that offer rewarding experiences to the people of Dallas. They recently donated funds to the George W. Bush Presidential Library and the Perot Museum of Natural Sciences all to improve education. James has recently partnered with Mary Jalonick, the CEO and President of The Dallas Foundation. The two have formed The Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. that will help James select various charities to fund.

James Dondero and Highland Capital also provide grants through the year to assist several initiatives in the Dallas fraternity. The Family Place, a shelter for survivors of domestic violence, is one of the beneficiaries of the grants. They got a $1 million grant from James and Highland Capital Management. James continues to help grow and secure an optimistic future for the people of Dallas.


Tyler Perry Returns with Blockbuster Formula

The Tyler Perry fan base is strong. When ”Acrimony” was released it was number 2 at the box office on the opening weekend. This says a lot about the strength of the Tyler Perry and the fans that support all of his movies. He has proven himself to be a big box office success. This movie has made more than $40 million during the time that it has been in the box office.

There are a ton of people that are looking at the numbers, and some people may wonder how a movie like this could come in second place behind a Steven Spielberg movie. This is a great second spot when one considers the “Ready Player One” blockbuster. People that have come to know Tajai P. Henson are well-aware of the type of work that she does. They know that she has the talent to pull off this type of movie. It was just a matter of getting the word out about the movie.

Tyler Perry has been so busy with all of the televisions shows that he has created on OWN. It seems like there is a lot for Tyler Perry to handle, but he still found time to quietly sneak back into major films with “Acrimony.” This was the perfect time for the movie because Tajai P. Henson is on top of her game with “Empire” and the movie also features other actors from Tyler Perry TV shows. This makes it possible for these actors and actresses to transition from television to movie roles.

The fact of the matter is that Tyler Perry is someone that continues to work hard to go beyond what is expected. He is someone that creates relationship movies where women are wronged by their spouses. It is a formula that continues to draw more and more women to the Tyler Perry group of moviegoers that look forward to his new take on revenge.

There are men that will see this movie, but the core movie base for Tyler Perry films is typically comprised of women. They are the ones that will go to see these movies with their girlfriends. They will go in groups, and sisters and their mothers will also support this girl’s night out type of outing.

The “Wrinkle in Time” Powerhouse Team that Carried the Movie

There are a lot of people that are looking for a chance to take their children to a movie. This is one of the main reasons that movies like “A Wrinkle in Time” have become so popular for the spring. This “Wrinkle in Time” film is something that has become a big deal because there is a lot of star power behind the film.

When people hear the name Oprah Winfrey they are going to gravitate towards it. This is what she made people do with this movie when she decided to promote it. With an all-star cast that also includes Mindy Kaling and Reese Witnerspoon this movie was going to draw in a huge crowd. Each of these stars have their own fan base. This allows the movie to span across a wide spectrum of people that may have never considered the movie if one of these stars was not in this movie. This is what Oprah knew when she was going in so it was a good choice to incorporate women that were Indian, Caucasian and African American. There is also a bi-racial actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw that is in an interracial relationship with Chris Pine. This cast covers a whole lot of ground.

The film was directed by Ava DuVernay. This was a big deal for a black director to have access to this type of big budget. Ava had a big budget to work with because she had already proven herself in “Selma.” She had also become someone that was making a mark in Black Hollywood and a female director that was taking the center stage. What the “Wrinkle in Time” essentially represents is another step in the powerful movement of women. This is really the message that goes forth when people look at this movie.

This is a film that is an adaptation of a book, and it is perfect for present day times. There are issues about self-esteem that are discussed. There are concepts about conquering your fears. It is the perfect movie for kids, but parents will also be able to get something out of this movie as well. That is why it makes it easy for families to embrace the movie. It pulls in a diverse moviegoer crowd.

Avengers: Infinity War is Second Most Expensive Film

Infinity War Set to Be Second Most Expensive Film Produced

Avengers: Infinity War is due out in theaters one week from now, and is sure to be one of the most, if not the most highly anticipated films for the year.

So it should come as no surprise that the movie’s reported production budget was among the highest ever, in fact being the second most expensive film ever produced, not including any inflation rates. It’s a well known fact that most movies nowadays are not cheap to produce, but given the fact that Infinity War was meant to conclude a story that has been steadily building over a decade, Marvel Studios was eventually going to have to spend a bit more money.

The fact that there is a large number of cast members involved with filming alone means a lot of money was going to have to be spent on production. Luckily, the Marvel Cinematic Universe hasn’t had a problem with money, considering they are a $14 billion enterprise that has made nothing but solid hits at the box office since it was first started.

In fact, the team-up films in the franchise have been the most expensive as far as budgets go, with Captain America: Civil War costing $250 million to make and Avengers: Age of Ultron being made for $279.8 million. Infinity War, which was said to have a production around $300 million, will be one of the few films that exceeds the aforementioned two, making it one of the most expensive films ever made. It would actually make it a three-way tie with Justice League and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End for second highest budget.

Despite the number for the huge production budget, Marvel Studios isn’t the least bit concerned about making a profit off of the film. With all of the hype and anticipation to the conclusion of this ten-year story, Infinity War could prove to be a rival for The Force Awakens in terms of breaking the box office record for an opening weekend. Reaching the $1 billion box office club is almost a guarantee at this point, with everything in mind.

Peter Briger; the Unshakable Principal and Team Player at Fortress Investment Group

Peter Briger is a Co-Chairman of the Fortress board of Directors and a principal. He is a graduate of the University of Pensylvania. He has had a long professional career and is a respected member of his community. He has worked in the asset management sector for over two decades. Fortress is a global leader in alternative asset management and investment solutions. It also has a strong team of experts in the area of risk management. Fortress serves both private and public clients. It has over 1700 clients whose assets it manages. The company’s assets are estimated to be in the range of $65 billion. Fortress is an equal opportunity employer with a strong focus on skills. Pete Briger was elected to become the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Fortress in 2009.

Peter Briger is the Force behind the Scenes at Fortress

After he was appointed to become the Chairman of the Board of Directors, he has, ably, overseeing the activities of the organization in the areas of real estate and credit fund businesses. He graduated from Princeton University and proceeded to the University of Pennsylvania where he graduated with a Master of Business Administration. He has worked for several high profile companies including Goldman Sachs where he was in charge of oversight of several business activities. He currently serves on the Global Control and Compliance Committee. He also served as a co-head for the Fixed Income Principal Investments Group, among other senior roles. He is noted to have played a major arbitration role in managing the Asian Distressed Debt, and the Special Opportunities Fund by Goldman Sachs.

 Peter Briger as Philanthropist

Peter Briger is conscious of the communities he operates in. He is a regular contributor to a range of philanthropic causes. He also serves on the Silicon Valley Leadership Council for the Global Fund for Children. He serves on the Council on Foreign Relations which works to promote a broader understanding of foreign policy matters between elected officials and the common people.

About Fortress

Fortress Investment Group began way back in 1998. It was begun as a private equity firm but has enlarged and increased its services. Fortress Investment Group provides financial advisory services to organizations across the globe. It has a team of experts that also help start-ups to put their houses in proper business order. Fortress has a reputation for revamping businesses that traditional asset managers and investment experts had written off as failures. Owing to its reliable risk management strategies, the company has won the trust of many public and private clients across the globe. Fortress has over 953 experts; about 200 of who specializes in asset management, and are spread out across the various outlets. Fortress provides custom-made financial and investment advice. It has posted impressive financial results for several years running. In one of the major deals, recently, Fortress was acquired by SoftBank but was allowed to continue operating independently; with its leadership and business models. Peter Briger, Randy Nardone, and Wes Edens will continue to steer the company’s business. It is only the annual financial report that will be incorporated into the one of SoftBank Group of Japan.