Onelogin, Beefing Security at your Premise

Security is a right bestowed upon everyone. As the world evolves, so does the global security sector that tries as much as possible to protect the interests of the innocent. Through time, crime and terrorism have become real, factors that have called for the evolution of security technology. In the past decade, companies like Onelogin and Envoy have more than evolved, changing the way institutions handle visitor data during check in and check out. In the past, all of the vital information regarding visitors got documented in tedious and unkempt log books but with time has come digital technology that currently allows companies to sign in visitors through a digital platform. One group that has openly advocated for the use of the digital sign feature in technology is none other than Envoy. Using an iPad, visitors can feed meaningful information creating a personal account. By working hand in hand with Onelogin, Envoy has been able to boost the productivity and security of many of its customers over the past few years.

Envoy together with Onelogin has gone the extra mile of implementing the SCIM protocol, a technique that integrates all the information relevant to a particular visitor keeping all the data under one roof. As a result, the work of IT administrators has become much easier, especially for company’s security and human resource departments.

By using the SCIM protocol, it also becomes easier for visitors to have their data updated unlike in the past when people could only get booked through manual log books. Businesses can always adapt the SCIM protocol to enhance their productivity. Thanks to the SCIM protocol, it becomes easier for a visitor to book an appointment with a particular company employee. Since all the instructions get executed digitally, information between an individual and employee gets stored safely for future reference.

By constantly updating visitor data, Envoy helps diminish stale data giving the institution much relevance. Since Envoy partnered with Onelogin, operations in the company have relatively improved reducing any redundancies in the process. By adopting tech from Onelogin, Envoy is now more secure than it was years ago.

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