Omar Yunes wins coveted prize of Best Franchisee in the World

Over the last 30 years, Mexico has grown from a typical third-world banana republic in to one of the most developed countries in all of Latin America. Although this trend was largely set off by Mexico’s thriving oil sector, once set in motion, the torch was quickly picked up by Mexico’s talented population, which has proven itself to possess the same caliber of human resources as many of the world’s most developed countries and more information click here.

One example of this has been the incredible explosion of worldwide franchises across the Mexican landscape. Omar Yunes is an example of a franchisee who has proven that the Mexican market and the Mexican people have all the right ingredients to make world-class restaurant franchises a success.

For over a decade, Yunes has been growing his Shushi Itto franchises across Mexico. Starting with just a single restaurant, today, Yunes owns 13 franchises across Mexico City, Veracruz and Puebla. This accounts for 10 percent of all of the global franchise’s business and has recently won Yunes the Best Franchisee in the World award, a coveted award given to the best franchisee on the planet and learn more about Omar.

In order to win the prize, Yunes had to beat out thousands of contestants from over 34 countries. At the awards ceremony, it was stated that Yunes was given the prize due to his superb administrative talents and ability to implement new and effective information systems and highly efficient means of operation. Yunes assent to the top of the franchising business in Mexico is typical of that country’s recent growth in the number of global franchises seen throughout Mexico’s largest cities. The country has proven itself to be not only a great market for lower-end consumer goods but also as a prime area for major expansion of global luxury and high-end brands and Omar’s lacrosse camp.

But Yunes is still humble about winning such an elevated title. He says that, while he is certainly proud of his accomplishments as a franchisee, he also believes that receiving this award and continuing to be a successful businessman is a great responsibility. He credits his more than 400 employees with being the real cause for his firm’s fantastic success and

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