Omar Yunes – the Modern Conclusion of a Long History

Omar Yunes became the best franchisee of the year for the Mexican chapter of the competition for 2015. He is one of the owners of Sushi Itto. Omar Yunes has 13 units or 10 percent of the food chain.

As the name denotes, Sushi Itto is a Japanese food chain which serves sushi. The food chain is quite popular, and it serves dishes across more than a hundred locations. Sushi Itto has an interesting history as the company has been running even after its founder passed away. 25 years ago Alberto Romano built the first Sushi Itto restaurant. After he completed the kitchen, however, Romano ran out of money, so he was not able to complete the dining area of the restaurant. He could have stopped there and moved on to something else, but Alberto Romano had a different philosophy in mind.

Sushi Itto started delivering sushi to customers instead. In fact, the restaurant was one of the first food paces to deliver sushi to the doorstep. Over the decades, sushi has also become the second most ordered food for home delivery after pizza.Up to date, the Japanese food chain of Sushi Itto has 120 restaurants across eight countries. The Mexican units of Sushi Itto make up about half the Japanese food chains in Mexico and learn more about Omar Yunes.

Since the start of its journey, Sushi to has had to adapt to circumstances as they happen. That is imperative for any brand that wants to stand the test of time and succeed. Another example of adapting to circumstances happened to the founder of the first Sushi Itto restaurant. Alberto Romano was working with three chefs- Gerardo Gutiérrez, Ismael Flores, and Patricio Gómez. Many of their customers visited the unfinished restaurant out of curiosity. The chefs and Romano naturally talked to their clients who came up with a number of suggestions. They suggested ingredients such as avocado, chili peppers, and cream cheese. Later those ingredients were added to the sushi rolls and Omar Yunes’s lacrosse camp.

Following the feedback of clients sent Sushi Itto further. The orders increased, the restaurant was finished, and the business was booming That thought the bran early on to follow its customers and serve them with quality and efficiency and more information click here.

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