Now You See Me 2 Gets a Release Date and Some New Faces

Now You See Me was a sleeper hit that grossed more than its budget in the U.S. and made more than twice its budget overseas. The film followed a group of magicians as they worked with an unseen face to trick various government agencies and pull off an epic heist. Based on its gross, it wasn’t surprising that the studio decided to make a sequel, but some fans might find themselves surprised at the new and returning faces.

Five of the main actors from the first film will return for the sequel: Mark Ruffalo, Dave Franco, Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Michael Caine. The one name missing from that lineup is Isla Fisher. Despite playing the main female character in that film and having only two films set for release in the future, Fisher has no plans to come back for the sequel. Fisher claimed that family issues will keep her from working on the film when production begins in November, and some fans wonder if the actress may be pregnant.

The official release date for the sequel is June 10, 2016, but when the film lands in theaters, producer Tom Rothman says that fans might see some new and surprising faces. Daniel Radcliffe, known for playing the title role in the Harry Potter franchise, may appear in the movie. The rumor is that Radcliffe will play a new and younger magician.

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  1. Noah January 20, 2017

    Also attached to the movie is actress Lizzy Caplan, who plans to film her role while on a break from the TV show Masters of Sex. If Fisher doesn’t return for the sequel, Caplan will bring a much needed feminine touch to the testosterone heavy film. It is a lot of thing that could get their on time.

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