Nick Vertucci explains the importance of positive mindset in his new book

Nick Vertucci’s new book entitled ‘Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed,’ is an inspiration to new investors who would like to be successful business people in the future. The book is based on his life. The challenges and successes he has recorded during his life in business are important to the new investors. He has seen success and failure at the same time. Nick Vertucci began his life from scratch, built successfully before collapsing and going back to scratch again. He shares all these experiences in his new book.

The book is mainly about encouraging new investors. The book is intended for real estate investment students. However, the message resonates with all kind of investments. The insight he shares in this book will guide new investors on where to start their journey.

One of the things that Nick Vertucci insists on is the positive mindset. He believes that there is a lot to gain when one has a positive mindset. Nick believes in four pillars of a positive mindset: see it, believe it, map it and execute it. These four pillars will get any idea off the ground. They might look simple, but they are vital lessons Nick Vertucci learned after failures, mistakes, and depressions. He discovered these vital lessons in the process of growing his business

Nick Vertucci attributes this success to his mindset. It is this mindset that he now shares with other investors. He wants them to apply it in their business models. The mental strength to go through hardships and struggles plays a critical role in the success path. A business person needs to have self-confidence. It is the confidence that will make one treat failure as part of the success journey. The mindset helps you to pick lessons from challenges instead of giving up. It is the lessons we learn after mistakes that determine how far we go.

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