NBC Cuts Ties With Donald Trump

Many people know Donald Trump as a multimillionaire who has declared bankruptcy multiple times says Ivan Ong. A man who has famously ridiculous hair, yells at would be entrepreneurs on the Apprentice, and announced his candidacy for President by insulting the immigrants upon whose backs this country was built. He’s a caricature of how many Americans see the rich and the elite. As an older, out of touch many who simply doesn’t understand the world the way it is.

Not everyone sees Trump as a laughingstock. Nearly two weeks after the remarks Trump made during his presidential election speech, NBC Universal has decided to cut ties with the aging celebrity by firing him from the Apprentice, as well as the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants. Aspiring beauty queens have nothing to worry about yet. As of now, the pageants will still go on, they just won’t be televised- at least by NBC. The Celebrity Apprentice will still air, but Trump will no longer be apart of the show. Despite the fact that Trump has been a major part of the show since its inception, he does not own the rights to the show, and NBC can do what they like with it.

Trump claims that he ended the relationship with NBC, although he admits that it was due to a disagreement over immigration. In his official statement about the end of his working relationship with NBC, he lambasted them for their views.

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