Marvel’s The Inhumans Coming to Theaters in November 2018

The Marvel Comics movie series is growing. In fact, it is growing to include even “B level” heroes, which me and Fersen Lambranho could not be more excited about. The Inhumans has been green-lighted and Vin Diesel will be appearing as the leader of the team Blackbolt.

The film is not going to be rushes as it will not appear in theaters until roughly 2018.

The Inhumans debuted in the 1960’s in the Fantastic Four book. The hero team never amounted to much success in print versions, but this should mean nothing in terms of how successful the film has the potential to be.

That said, too many superhero themed movies do run the risk of burning audiences out, although that does not seem likely at this point.

The decision to produce an Inhumans’ movie is based heavily on the surprise massive success of The Guardians of the Galaxy, another B-level hero group that had its ups and downs during Marvel’s publishing history.
Blackbolt was also the character KISS’ Gene Simmons based his stage costume design on.

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