In Love With A Movie That Is Not A Superhero Flick? You Bet!

In a world where almost every month we are inundated with new movies about characters that are considered extra special heros, or savers of a world always in need of saving, it is nice to see something with a believable hero. Love, Simon has just opened this week to the modest sum of 11.5 million dollars. Though, considering that the entire budget for this film was 10 million, then Love, Simon is already considered a success.

Love, Simon is the story about, you guessed it, Simon and his struggle to maintain a seemingly normal life while facing the life-changing decision to come out as gay to his family and friends. Simon’s emotional dilema gets tougher and leads to a boiling point when he realizes that he is falling for a classmate who is anonymously flirting with him on line. Through all of Simon’s increasingly awkward encounters, he comes to grips with his own sexuality.

Behind this film are two writers (Elizabeth Berger and Isaac Aptaker) who write for the hit televison drama “This Is Us” plus a director (Greg Berlanti) who works with tv superheros all day. I believe the writers of this screenplay have hit a nerve with this movie that needs to be uncovered and brought out into the light of day. The overall theme of this movie is acceptance. Not just the public’s acceptance of who Simon is, but more importantly Simon’s acceptance of his sexual self. This movie is the first romantic comedy involving a main gay character that is backed by a major studio. And I say that it is about time.

This movie has been receiving rave reviews from the people that matter most: the viewers.
Many people have either sat down to watch this movie with their familys and then open a discussion regarding their own sexuality or they have watched this movie and it has given them the courage to open up to their families about the issue of sexuality. Either way, the important thing is that conversations are happening, lives are being touched, and people are showing courage to be their true self and that is never a bad thing. Love, Simon is in theaters currently.

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