Jamie Foxx Signs On and Saves Spawn

The big reboot of the superhero film Spawn just signed on an equally big star. Jamie Foxx accepted the role of the mysterious and tragic anti-hero. Spawn no longer suffers as a stalled project anymore.


Spawn seemed like a project destined for development limbo. The film slowly moved through the development process without any concrete steps in the direction of an actual production. All this changed once a highly bankable box office star opted to take the lead role.


With Foxx as the star, a huge hurdle has been jumped. A common concern about Spawn centered on the public’s lack of knowledge about the title hero. Audiences show a willingness to accept a lesser-known Marvel hero because they know what type of films Marvel Studios generally produces. Namely, Marvel Studios usually makes excellent films. The Marvel brand carries B-level heroes to credibility in A-level productions.


Image Comics isn’t Marvel Comics though. Spawn isn’t Thor or Iron Man. Spawn is, however, an intriguing hero. Spawn also is no stranger to live-action or animated productions. Michael Jai White originally played Spawn in a 1997 cult favorite motion picture. The film maintains a following even after nearly two decades passed since its release. Unfortunately, the following isn’t exactly a mainstream one. The feature’s fans are, mainly, comic book enthusiasts.


Since the original film can’t be considered a major hit, moving forward with a new Spawn project wasn’t exactly easy. Creator Todd McFarlane tried for nearly a decade to get a reboot off the ground. Nothing happened. Things are happening now.


The reboot of the Spawn movie has two other things going for it. For one, the project is being set up at Blumhouse, a production company known for horror films. Horror movies have made a big comeback recently. Blumhouse has chosen to craft Spawn as “hero in a horror film” project allowing the film to tap into the horror market. That really isn’t anything new. The history of horror comics crisscrossed hero and horror genres many times. Blumhouse wants to continue delivering successful horror films to theaters. Spawn could become highly successful thanks to its potential cross-genre appeal. The hero/horror mix should allow Spawn to stand apart from so many comic book movies. Originality counts.


The second big thing going for Spawn is, of course, the continued hot streak of superhero movies at the box office. Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Deadpool 2 all earned massive money in ticket sales. Blumhouse can tap into the hero market in a sly way by crossing genres. This opens the gates for Spawn to rise out of development limbo.

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