Goodbye Christopher Robin – A Factual Fantasy

Winnie the Pooh is a beloved children’s story about a little bear that lives in a wooded area with his friends – Eeyore the donkey, Tigger the tiger, Piglet, Rabbit, Kanga and Roo, Owl, Gopher, and his human friend Christopher Robbin. The story was written by A. A. Milne in 1926 and was instantly popular.

The movie “Goodbye Christopher Robin” portrays A. A. Milne (actor-Domhnall Gleeson) a writer living in London having served in the army during WWI. He is married with a son Christopher Robin Milne who was 8 years old (actor-Will Tilston), his wife Daphne (actress-Margot Robbie) and a nanny Olive (actress-Kelly MacDonald).

Due to the stress Milne and family moves from the city to the peaceful English countryside, where the Winnie the Pooh story begins. However, Milne’s depressive state affects his socialite wife Daphne who feels that she needs to leave until Milne is better.

Goodbye Christopher Robin is about a struggling father, his son and his toys, and their relationship through the characters in the book. The movie poignantly reveals how a children’s classic book hides truths of the writer Milne and his traumas, his son’s fantasies in characters whose every storyline is based on a family surrounded by light and dark shadows, war and peace. Your text to link…

Milne is trying to write an antiwar book but has writer’s block until he spends more time with his young son, fondly nicknamed ‘Billy Moon’ and his toys, especially a large-sized bear. The success of Winnie the Pooh is not idyllic. There are moments when flashbulbs and popping corks transports Milne back to the bloody war fields of France.

Young Billy Moon has a hard time with being paraded around and photographed everywhere with his favorite toy bear. Director Simon Curtis incorporates live action and animations in the storyline. The disconnect that young Billy experiences, carries into his teenage years (Alex Lawther plays the teenager) when he goes to boarding school, feeling abandoned by his parents, and filled with resentment.

A contrasting character is Olive, the nanny who is Billy’s Mary Poppins like character, an emotional and moral anchor for the son and father. However, she too has her own personal desires outside of her duties to the family. The script is written to play into the Winnie the Pooh characters seen on TV where the little boy is kneeling by his bed, the mysterious round tracks in the snow, and of course the bees making honey.

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