George Soros’ Open Society

Most people can agree that the best society is a free society. However, the methods of reaching these levels of freedom are not exactly formulaic. That is to say at one point communism maybe the best vehicle to elevate a culture within a nation of people. But on the other hand, capitalism can be an acceptable alternative. And then, there are times when it’s something nebulous and in between these two camps that really advances a society, within any given geographical location. When it comes to ideologies on the best way to reach a free society, it is best to understand that freedom comes with a price. So, a more appropriate term to use would be open society.

This is where the interest of the collective are put ahead of that of the individual. This kind of stands many forms of government and hierarchies on their head. However, George Soros says that it is absolutely possible and in fact even proven to be done within the archives of history books. What he stresses most of all in his beliefs of an open society is that no hard fast rule for this exists but only proper guidelines and signs that need to be updated and interpreted as needed.

Although there are no hard fast rules for the construction of open Society, because it can, look like anything there are a few indicators for a society about the decline. Unbridled and unchecked self-interest running rampant through a community’s nation, culture and Society is a herald to disaster that follows it. Examples of this can be seen in Nazi and communist parties that claim to know ultimate truth. They put their self interest ahead of a global community which in turn has disastrous side effects. This can also be seen when it comes to laissez-faire or let it be capitalism and a political system that cultivates this institution.

An extreme example of this would be the apartheid which is a part of South Africa’s history. For a lesson in just how bloody a mistake can be or how self interest and systematic inequality go hand in hand, the apartheid in South Africa is the model example to learn from. However, when it comes to models of exactly how to foster an open society that enjoys quite a bit of freedom the open Society Foundation of George Soros is an excellent example. This philanthropic foundation and organization operates in different countries across Europe and once upon a time in China as well.

The Open Society Foundation is not the only philanthropic activity George Soros is known for. He is a supporter of Charter 77, which helped out a lot of people in Czechoslovakia. These establishments are necessary, because the bottom line cannot be the only bottom line when it comes to welfare of societies. There has to be a thought process and understanding in between the individuals of the masses. So, turning massive capital gains in on themselves to profit everyone in the long run is just one method for securing an open society. George Soros knows this and he puts his every effort in this making it a reality.

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