Fifty Shades Free is a Box Office Hit that Flops with the Critics

Fifty Shades of Free is the third installment of the Christian Grey and Ana Steele love affair. This is the long awaited film to compete the trilogy that was first released in 2015. This time around Ana Steele and her filthy (no pun intended) rich boyfriend, get married. They tie the knot and begin to discover life as a hot newlywed couple.

As you can guess from the previous Fifty Shades of Grey movies, there is lot of sex and freaky things happening throughout the film. Ana played by actress Dakota Johnson) really enjoys showing off her attractive figure. Some critics claim that she is not a delight to see on film, but I beg to differ. Many females can’t get enough of Christian (Jamie Dornan) in the films erotic scenes as well. Arguably, this is probably why most people watch these movies in the first place.

While Freed has lots of moments where people are being caught up in the kinky sex and gratuitous nudity; the movie tries to tell a story. This is where the critics slammed this film. The New York Times pointed out the film made money but was panned by the critics.

First, Anna doesn’t want to change her last name to Grey but she reluctantly changes her mind. Christian gives her the old publishing company that she used to work for. Now, she is the head honcho of this organization. Then Ana goes out with one of her former associates that Christian doesn’t like. She ends up in a world of trouble and Christian is extremely angry. He pouts and berates Ana and she tells him that he cannot possess and control her.

Then Ana gets pregnant and Christian doesn’t like it. Ana wants a family and Christian does not. By this time they’re ready for an ice cream sex scene. At this point, I won’t give away the rest of the storyline for people who have not watched the film. I will just say that old enemies arise and things take a dark turn.

Many critics said the film lacked substance, good acting and it had a lousy predictable plot. However, die hard Fifty Shades of Grey fans will like this film because Ana and Christian are a hot couple worth watching on film. The movie earned $272 million dollars and is expected to gross nearly $500 million (or more) before its box office run ends. While this movie was a critical disaster it still performed well and it helped to bring the Fifty Shades of Grey series over a billion dollars in profit. Not bad for a film that only cost $55 million to make.

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