DVDs You Have To Buy For October 21st

There are a couple of amazing DVDs coming out tomorrow. And I’m here to break down the best of the bunch. That being Snowpiercer

But this movie defines why science fiction is so much damn fun.

Next, we have The Purge: Anarchy. This movie fixed everything I didn’t like about the first, by giving us a better setting, characters, and learning more about the real Purge. The people who are on the street, or living in bad neighborhoods, that are always going to have a more difficult time surviving. This is a must buy in my opinion.

That’s about it for this week to be honest. Nothing else of note, or really all that amazing. But two absolutely spectacular films should be enough right?

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  1. Noah December 23, 2016

    Now Snowpiercer is a film that I was thinking about, because it’s really, really amazing. The unique sci-fi setting, the great acting, and the beautiful social commentary make up for a world that’s sort of difficult to believe. I know that will be the cooles thing for http://www.besttermpapers.com/ to do and make money out of it too.

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