Dr. Chris Villanueva’s Successful Operations at the MB2 Dental Solutions

Dr. Chris Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental where he serves as the CEO of the company. He established the dental facility as he realized that the dental practitioners required assistance in their work of providing quality services. The fundamental principle of the formation of the MB2 Dental firm was to provide an organization where dentists could come together to refresh and share their vibrant perspectives. What’s more, the firm has so far benefited the dental practitioners in about 70 locations and has 533 employees. Equally important, Dr. Villanueva not only created the MB2 Dental firm for profit but as a dentist-owned organization that enhances growth, provides support, and focuses on autonomy as they brainstorm on new improvements in the sector.

How the MB2 Dental Solutions Came About

Dr. Villanueva’s idea stemmed from the fact that he had two options of either joining a larger practice or starting his own after his graduation. He came up with another model as an alternative to the two options, where the practitioners could share ideas and hence the general improvement of the dental practices as a whole by placing the patient first. Further, Dr. Villanueva is more productive at night where he likens himself as a night owl as he thinks more clearly when it is quiet and has more time while his children are asleep. Also, the doctor believes that by giving everyone a chance in his company helps in providing a platform that all individuals can air their views, which makes them more creative rather than micromanage them. Furthermore, Dr. Villanueva’s inspiration to bring ideas into life comes from his associations where he asserts that surrounding yourself with smart people helps one in having a sharp mind.

One current trend that excites Dr. Villanueva is how the technology is changing the traditional way of doing things, especially in the dental field. The doctor being a tech-savvy individual spends more time learning on the new ways of improving the industry as set by the latest technology to give the patient the best care. Besides, Dr. Villanueva’s business has remained sustainable as a result of maintaining integrity as the core functionality in the industry while other companies of the same nature went down. In addition, Dr. Chris Villanueva’s practice values people including its owners where the firm offers annual owner’s retreats for purposes of socializing and exchanging of ideas with other professions who are in the same industry.

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