Creating a Safer World with Securus Technologies

When inmates have access to cell phones, it can pose a huge threat to those working in corrections. Robert Johnson, a man who has been working in corrections for 15 years, knows just how true the statement above is. After being shot in his home, Johnson tied the shooter with an inmate whose contraband he had confiscated at some point. When the inmate became upset, he used a cell phone to contact friends, who proceeded to enter Johnson’s home, putting Johnson’s life and his family’s lives in danger. Johnson experience emotional and physical damage after this shooting, which eventually leads to his teaming up with Securus Technologies, a company that works to provide technology solutions to the civil and criminal justice systems everywhere. Johnson, along with the company, created a wireless containment system that works to keep cell phones inside from connecting to unknown numbers outside.


This wireless containment system has helped keep the bad guys from contacting outsiders, but it still allows them a bit of entertainment inside. Robert Johnson knows just how dangers the situation can become, which is why Securus Technologies is working furiously to keep the cell phones from reaching the outside. This technology is helping create a safer environment for both correctional workers and inmates alike since the inmates using the contraband cell phones are unable to contact others on the outside. Inmates are still given the opportunity to reach emergency contacts like 9-1-1, and if a number is not on the authorized call list, it is blocked completely. Securus Technologies is using their special equipment and technology to put an end to the illegal communications that is so often happening in the jails and prisons in America.


With this new technology, corrections officers and others in the criminal and civil justice system can relax knowing that they are a bit safer in the world. Is the technology working? Of course! Just between 2016 and 2017, Securus Technologies has found, through their wireless containment system, that they have prevented more than 1.7 million inmates from attempting illegal communication in the eight correctional facilities where the technology is already being employed. Robert Johnson is only one of the many that have faced serious injuries and emotional stress after an incident like this. Perhaps, this is why Johnson has decided to take charge and fix the problem.


Robert Johnson, along with the members of Securus Technologies, hopes that the future will bring the use of this technology to all correctional facilities throughout the world. Not only is it keeping the officers safe from inmates contacting others to do their work, but it is also keeping inmates from getting hold of other contraband items while in prison. These technologies are working to stop crime and help make the world a safer place one cell phone at a time.

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