Up close and candid with the investment genius; Jason Halpern

It is not easy to get a hold of a businessman who is as busy as Jason Halpern usually is. Of late, he has been accumulating frequent flyer miles traveling between Miami and New York. He started out his real estate investment company with very limited capital, but by 2007, he had accumulated $500 million in net worth from the real estate projects he had successfully completed. JMH Company made collaboration with the Madden Real Estate Ventures in the creation of the Aloft South Beach Miami project. This was completed a little over one year ago.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern

The latest from the businessman is a deal that he has struck to convert what was the Wild Turkey Bourbon Warehouse and make condominiums. The business arrangement was made between JMH, the Rockpoint companies and Kushner. This is not the first of the deals, a few years ago, and the company made another deal where another warehouse was converted into 338 rental units. These and many more are the deals that have been made by the investor. Another deal that is brewing for him is the conversion of Brooklyn Heights Cinema into Condos.


Yet, the road has not been always easy or smooth for Jason Halpern. There was a time sometime back when a deal that he was trying to bring together fell apart miserably and cost him a huge loss when it was scrapped. He however managed to get over the loss, make better investment choices and cover for the mistakes.


Jason’s Father was also a real estate developer. He worked for a very long time with his father’s company before he left to start off on his own. He has a son from another marriage and enjoys accompanying him to games, racing and other recreational activities. One thing that he takes after his father is the liking of race cars. He was actually interested in participating in the races at a professional level, but life has been a little bit too busy for him. The one thing that is sure about Jason is that he is here to stay in the business and success will get even sweeter for him.


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