ClassDojo: Bringing Teachers and Parents Together for the Children

ClassDojo is an important educational app that is being used in classrooms today to help teachers create an incredible classroom for their students. Here is some information to let you see what is going on in classrooms all around America to help children, teachers, and parents connect.

The Mission of ClassDojo

ClassDojo has worked to help transform education for the kids in this world and their parents. They connect the teachers, students, and parents to help them work together to benefit the children. The parents, teachers, and students should all have access to what’s going on in the classroom. This app helps bridge that gap to create an incredible classroom experience.

What is ClassDojo?

ClassDojo is a communication app used by teachers to share videos, photos, and messages during the school day. Teachers use ClassDojo to share the classroom experience their children are having with their parents. It is already actively used in around 90% of kindergarten through eighth-grade classes in the United States and in more than 180 other countries. About 20% of the team working on the project has a background in teaching and it has been translated into over 35 languages.

Sharing of Information

As a parent, you can see a constantly updating stream of videos and pictures that were taken during the school day. Each school, class, and student have their own stream to go through. All of this data is shared with parents at home to make them more a part of the classroom than ever before. This app helps share with every family connected what is going on in their child’s life on a daily basis.

ClassDojo is a great app created to help connect the teachers and students at a school with their parents at home quickly and easily. Parents can be more a part of their children’s lives at school than ever before by joining in.

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