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Directors Say That YouTube is Changing The Game For Filmmakers

If one were to say 5 years ago that YouTube would be a good way to get discovered, people would oppose that and tell him about all the reasons that he is wrong. In fact, that has happened. I myself have said that YouTube would be a way to get discovered only for one person to say that it was preposterous. Simply because the only people who see the video are friends and they are only going to tell the user what they want to hear. He obviously has not read the YouTube comments on videos. They are full of criticisms.

Interesting thing is that a couple of years later, David Fincher said something about making YouTube videos in order to get discovered. Both of our points are about getting experience and trying out the activity for one’s self. Now, the latest person to give a shout out to YouTube is the director of Don’t Breathe. He has stated that if one does something amazing and puts it on YouTube, it will find its audience. It is not going to just die on YouTube. A good video, or a video that draws a lot of attention to itself will be spread out and go viral. In fact, a video of people doing something extremely stupid goes viral all the time.

Some people are just resistant to change. YouTube is the change the world is seeing when it comes to the entertainment industry. Also, people do not need to break into Hollywood in order to make it in the industry. People could just upload well crafted and produced content and it will gain the creators of the content fame that is very similar to the fame one gets in Hollywood for a well acted film.

More and more YouTube stars are breaking out into other media like television as well as cinemas. Another good thing to note is that YouTube stars are more accessible than other stars.