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Syrian Boy Hero Faked by Norweigen Filmers

When I saw the footage everyone was talking about containing the young Syrian boy, it seemed too good to be true for sure. Most of my friends on LinkedIn were saying the same thing, then I saw a post by Status Labs that got me thinking. Could it be a hoax?

If you haven’t seen it yet, contains a young Syrian boy who was shot, then got up and led a younger girl to safety from behind a burned out car, has been exposed as staged. It was uploaded to Youtube on November 9, getting 3 million hits and then it made its way to many media outlets, which presented the video as an event that occurred in Syria.

The video was actually made in Malta and created by a Norwegian film crew, directed by Lars Klevberg. So why make a film that is so disturbing? The answer is too draw attention to the plight of children in war torn countries. He believes that even after people know that is was a staged incident, the impact of violence on children in these areas remains.

Klavberg was quoted as saying:

“I wanted to be a voice for every child caught in war, not just in Syria. So many children are getting killed or hurt there and nobody did anything in the media, trying to help them or write their stories.”

Klevberg chose to let the boy survive as a vehicle to spread a message of hope for the children living in these areas.

Although many outlets aired the video as authentic, some noted that the boy fell forward, not backward.

The film makers stated they are not taking sides, and aimed to raise awareness.