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X-Men Movies And Continuity

One thing that can be said about X-Men movies is that the continuity has been screwy. The movies were supposed to take place in the “not too distant future” from the release of the first movie. This line would later appear at the beginning of the third X-Men movie. One thing is certain. The timeline was relatively okay for the first three films. It is when they started going back to the beginning that things started getting messy. There have been tons of retcons and revisions to the timeline because apparently not enough research was done to keep in touch with the originals.


However, it is not just the movies that were a little sloppy with continuity. The comics themselves are filled with many retcons and changes to continuity. Therefore, the movies are actually a little more faithful to the source than once believed. This talk about continuity came about when Hugh Jackman was discussing his movie. He has described this movie as taking place in a slightly alternate universe. Logan has recently received an R rating which makes this the second X-Men movie with an R rating. However, this is far from the first Marvel movie with an R rating.


Logan is due to be released in March. The trailers promise a really violent movie with profanity dropped in. This is definitely a change from the first few movies. Even though the movies were violent and vulgar, they did not show all that much gore when it comes to the violence.


The comics that are related to X-Men such as Deadpool have gotten to be very violent and vulgar to the point that no one ever thought that they were going to do Deadpool justice on the big screen. One of the reasons was that Hollywood was caught up in the PG-13 craze that has taken over the industry for a little under a decade. Now, they are apparently going back to an earlier era with R rated movies.