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The “Wrinkle in Time” Powerhouse Team that Carried the Movie

There are a lot of people that are looking for a chance to take their children to a movie. This is one of the main reasons that movies like “A Wrinkle in Time” have become so popular for the spring. This “Wrinkle in Time” film is something that has become a big deal because there is a lot of star power behind the film.

When people hear the name Oprah Winfrey they are going to gravitate towards it. This is what she made people do with this movie when she decided to promote it. With an all-star cast that also includes Mindy Kaling and Reese Witnerspoon this movie was going to draw in a huge crowd. Each of these stars have their own fan base. This allows the movie to span across a wide spectrum of people that may have never considered the movie if one of these stars was not in this movie. This is what Oprah knew when she was going in so it was a good choice to incorporate women that were Indian, Caucasian and African American. There is also a bi-racial actress Gugu Mbatha-Raw that is in an interracial relationship with Chris Pine. This cast covers a whole lot of ground.

The film was directed by Ava DuVernay. This was a big deal for a black director to have access to this type of big budget. Ava had a big budget to work with because she had already proven herself in “Selma.” She had also become someone that was making a mark in Black Hollywood and a female director that was taking the center stage. What the “Wrinkle in Time” essentially represents is another step in the powerful movement of women. This is really the message that goes forth when people look at this movie.

This is a film that is an adaptation of a book, and it is perfect for present day times. There are issues about self-esteem that are discussed. There are concepts about conquering your fears. It is the perfect movie for kids, but parents will also be able to get something out of this movie as well. That is why it makes it easy for families to embrace the movie. It pulls in a diverse moviegoer crowd.