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U.S. Navy selects IAP to support contract valued at up to $900 Million

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., together with its management member of IAP-ECC, has been joined by four companies to offer their services through the indefinite-delivery contract. According to the Global Contingency Award Contract Multiple Support, the deal is valued at $900 million by the United States Navy Department and the Naval Facilities based in Hawaii, Pearl Harbor, and Pacific.

IAP Worldwide is proud to offer their services to their clients and customers throughout the world. For the company, engaging in activities that support their customers gives them much honor. Therefore, they value the United States Navy Department they pledge to work with them through thick and thin. IAP Worldwide is willing to serve their clients with their most demanding challenges. According to the Chief Executive Officer of the company, this selection to help the United States Navy Department and the Naval Contingency Global Services is keeping up with the dynamic standards in the modern society. For IAP Worldwide to keep up with mission support, it has maintained its name through the high-end services they provide their customers.

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IAP Worldwide Services Division Develops Afghanistan’s Air Traffic Control System

IAP Worldwide has gained an excellence reputation in the development of support services to the DoD entities and contracts. For IAP Worldwide, they will continue to work with the government and the United States Air Force Contract Augmentation System. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is one of the only state companies that provide solutions under this category. For the company, maintaining a good name among its clients gives then honor. The company has agreed to support the United State Navy through their mission worldwide under the stated contract. They will do their part faithfully and develop solutions for the Department of State. The joint venture company is pleased to provide their solutions to the maintenance and operations of the United States Navy.

The Global Support Service and Vice President of IAP Worldwide Services, Inc., said that this mission would see significant benefit through the inclusion of the four companies. The services intended for the United States Navy include incidental construction with facility support services through humanitarian efforts, natural disasters, and a full range of military action. The company has broken down the service locations through which they will deliver their services to the United States Navy.

IAP Worldwide has more than six decades of professional experience in serving the United States Government and other state agencies. The company offers a broad range of services as a pioneer.

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The Impact of IAP Worldwide Services

IAP stands for Ingenuity and Purpose. It is a company on comprised of many other companies to fulfill their mission of solving your most important challenges with the latest in technology, expertise and ingenuity. We will not rest until we meet your goals and expectations, especially those that seem almost impossible, until you are satisfied with the results.

IAP Worldwide team members follow the Values by making every decision and recommendation with determination and constant support. IAP experts will analyze what you need and want and work directly with your company on every aspect of your goals. We are the leading provider of worldwide logistics, advanced professional and technical services and facilities management.

As a participant in the modern world we hire people from diverse backgrounds, educational and experience levels. We prize the people who can ‘Think out of the Box’. Some current positions we are hoping to fill include Vector (Pest Control), Finance-Assistant Project Coordinator, Program Finance Analyst, Air Traffic Controllers in various locations, Administrative Assistants and many other fields in the US and overseas. If you are interested in applying for one of our positions, please visit our website and look at our Careers tab. IAP Worldwide offer a comprehensive package of health and wellness and retirement benefits for all of our valued employees.

IAP constantly strives to improve our company and its services and in 2014 underwent a restructuring with the help of Kay Scholer and her century old law firm and 45 lawyers to guide us. Her work with Deutsche Bank and Trust, Oppenheimer Funds, Credit Suisse and Invesco paved the way for an out of court process allowing our company to continue our work with the US Government, Humanitarian Aid, US Military and many commercial enterprises while restructuring our financial picture.

Continuing our work all over the world is our promise and IAP Worldwide were recently selected by the US Navy for a Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract for up to $900 million dollars by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. IAP will provide facilities management services, construction to support natural disasters, full military actions and humanitarian support efforts. The Air Force Contract Implementation Program has selected IAP Worldwide as the only government services provider in all four programs since 1996. We are extremely proud of our contribution to our government and in support of our military services.

The US Army’s Distributed Common Ground System (DCGS-A) at Fort Hood, TX awarded IAP Worldwide with a $53 million dollar contract to provide hardware systems engineering, data processing, networking, hardware certification, system reconciliations, training and warehouse operations to military units. Again IAP is proud to be part of working with our government partners for the security of our country.

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To constantly improve our services, IAP recently acquired two new businesses from DRS’ Aviation and Logistics in Oklahoma City, OK providing aircraft repair maintenance and logistics and mission support and also Tactical Communications and Network Support Services from Aberdeen Proving Grounds in Maryland bringing engineering, information technology and communications support to the US Department of Defense and other agencies.

In October 2016, Hurricane Mathew devastated the Caribbean and southern US. We were called in to provide emergency power, communications and commodities. During the 2011 hurricane season we deployed more than 100 power experts to activate emergency generators in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Maryland.

Our company does more than just support our government. We support our country and its neighbors and take pride in being able to provide necessary services in any situation. That is what Ingenuity and Purpose means to us.

We stay up to date with social media as you can see on our Facebook page and also our LinkedIn page. Come and visit us today and see what is going on with IAP. This is our company and our charter to provide the best in services, facilities management and logistical support all around the world.

We have been busy building the future since 1953 and are still hard at work on it.


IAP Worldwide Services: Global Logistics Provider is Top Employer in the US

IAP Worldwide is a government defense contractor which offers many great careers. The company’s opportunities are quite exciting and diverse. If you are a returning veteran or an individual seeking a career change, then perhaps you should take a look at IAP Worldwide Services for a new exciting job. These are very diverse opportunities for all individuals with many different skill sets. All of the available opportunities make the company an employer of choice here in the US and around the world.

Some of these jobs are for skilled tradespeople, for which there are opportunities around the world. Perhaps you might be a skilled machinist, plumber, electrician, or technician. This is another area which requires the skills of a veteran or another individual with a background in the trades on Even a skilled warehouse worker might be able to find an opportunity in the US or in a base overseas if he or she is looking for a new opportunity.

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This is also followed by individuals with skills in IT and technology. These careers are also a great option for those whom might be network engineers or A/V engineers. These have very specific requirements, but those whom have the experience to get the job done should apply. People whom have technology skills are in high demand by IAP Worldwide as many of these careers require them.

There are also plenty of great specialized careers which are other great options. One of these positions happens to be a Field Service Representative which is posted in certain countries. Another of which happens to be a program manager at an embassy in Kuwait. IAP Worldwide even has careers in public health which look for individuals with education and experience in fields such as epidemiology.

IAP is also a company which is looking to hire as many veterans as possible. IAP worldwide operates in an environment where the skills of veterans are essential to their success. The company gives preference to veterans whenever it is possible to meet the needs of the position with a veteran’s skills. The company knows that veterans are also natural leaders, so they definitely seek to build upon the skills which veterans already have.

IAP has a careers website which makes it easy for you to apply for any opportunity you might be interested in. Once you find the right opportunity, you can easily apply and get the job which you have always been looking for.


IAP Worldwide: A Building Block of Growth and Development Worldwide

IAP Worldwide Services has been a name to reckoned with since its inception back in the year 1953. IAP Worldwide has been providing an array of services like global-scale logistics, facilities management, advanced professional and technical services domestically within the United States and globally. The company was previously known as International Products Inc before changing its name to its current name.

With the wide range of services provided by the company, IAP is also the single biggest job creator in the market. With the needs to meet global demand on, IAP has been a growing platform for talented minds and posts varied job listings ranging from Accounting and Finance, Clerical and Administrative department, Customer Service, Human Resource, Legal department, Manufacturing and Operations, Technology and Computer related jobs to transportation and logistics.

Kaye Scholer, a leading law firm that has been representing IAP Worldwide in legal matters and recently assisted the company in its restructuring deal in 2014. The sensitive nature of work provided by IAP worldwide to the US government required a steadfast approach to the restructuring of the company which Kaye Scholer provided. IAP has now significantly reduced its debt service requirements and improved the liquidity position of the company. The newly revised capital structure has helped accelerate the growth strategy of IAP.

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IAP has recently won another contract known as the Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract (GCSMAC II) with the US Navy to provide global contingency services contract for up to $900 million. The contract has been awarded by the Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Pacific, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The IAP happens to be one of the five firms to be awarded the contract on the indefinite-delivery/ indefinite-quantity contract. The IAP was also awarded another contract by the US Navy in the year 2014 to provide base operating services at the Naval Air Station in Maryland.

IAP Worldwide Services was also in the news for acquiring two business units in Oklahoma city namely DRS technologies on Facebook and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions Business (TCNS). The acquisition of these two companies will increase the IAP’s capability to provide Aviation, communication and networking technology solutions to its current clients.

IAP was also instrumental during the recent Hurricane Matthew that hit several states in America. IAP sent several teams to support the crisis providing emergency power, communications system, commodities and expert personnel.

IAP Worldwide Services also announced a US army Contract to provide logistics, fielding and training support to the Distributed Common Ground System-Army (PM DCGS-A) at Fort Hood, Texas and other locations.

History of IAP Worldwide Services

The creation of IAP Worldwide dates back to the 1950’s when it helped Pan Am World Services build America’s first space launch. IAP helped in the support and testing of more than 2000 launches spanning 45 years. The company today supports more than 175,000 personnel at different military installations and bases all over the world with more than 2500 employees operating in 110 countries.

Leading Logistics Company IAP Worldwide Services

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading logistics and facilities management company based in the United States. The company often works with the federal government as well as private sector companies who are looking to establish a base of operations in a remote area. IAP Worldwide provides assistance to these organizations in all areas of the world. As a result, both government entities and private businesses will have a reliable company to help them get established in areas that are unfamiliar. In order for the government and private businesses to get established, IAP Worldwide Services provides a number of services that are very beneficial. The company will provide road and building construction, energy and communications facilities, and technology solutions and support. With these services, IAP will be able to help various organizations develop top quality infrastructure and logistics.

The first type of assistance that IAP Worldwide Services offers to government entities and private businesses is road and building construction. Whenever one of these organizations moves to a remote location in the world, there are times when the roads and buildings are of mediocre quality. As a result, these organizations will need to establish good infrastructure immediately. With IAP Worldwide Services, various organizations will have a company that will design, develop and build roads that are safe. IAP Worldwide will also design and construct a number of building facilities for government and business organizations to begin operations.

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Once an organization establishes roads and buildings on Bloomberg, it will then need to have sources of energy as well as the ability to communicate. IAP Worldwide Services will design and develop numerous energy facilities and sources for these organizations to operate. It will therefore provide organizations with what they need in order to have climate control and electricity at all times of day. Along with energy, IAP Worldwide will help set up and operate communications systems. The company will build satellites and signal towers to allow phone systems to operate. As a result, organizations will be able to make calls, receive calls and also have the technology and equipment to contact other parties.

Another key service that IAP Worldwide Services offers is technology solutions and management on The company will set up and oversee all sources of technology such as computers, servers, routers and modems. It will also help make recommendations on what hardware and software to use in order to maximize the efficiency of technology sources. IAP Worldwide assists organizations by providing security for networks and databases as well. As a result, many organizations will be able to protect important data at all times.