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Ricardo Guimarães leads an institution in the financial sector dating back to early last century, more precisely to 1930 when his grandfather founded the Land Credit Bank. The grandson of Sir Antonio Mourão Guimarães was the fourth member of the family to play the financial Market.


Ricardo Guimarães under the management of the BMG has adopted an innovative approach to become a leader in consigned credit in Brazil. It operates through a lean and efficient team. It has over 50000 employees spread across every municipality in Brazil. It offers personal credit with low interests for a demographic with low default rates.


BMG has built an institution based on integrity and honesty. It has used the popularity of sports in Brazil to establish an excellent model. It provides sponsorship for various teams and football players in Brazil. Today BMG is the primary sponsors of football in Brazil.


Ricardo Guimares is a fanatical football fan. He supports Clube Atletico Minero and served as its president for 5 years. It was despite his busy schedule. So committed was he that he reportedly used his money several times to finance the club.Guimares today stands as among the legends of the club in its hall of fame. He was succeeded by Ziza Valadares.


Despite this fact, BMG doesn’t support any one team. To it, business is business, and it’s strictly financial. It uses Soccer as a Marketing prop, and it has allowed it to have one of the biggest exposures in the country.BMG has the highest returns from marketing among all brands. It has leveraged a huge demographic since millions watch soccer in Brazil every weekend. Dino Blog recently come up with a story about Ricardo Guimares. The three letters are displayed in Orange every week in Brazil.


Ricardo Guimares recently launched a new bank to offer personal credit to Brazilians. It is in partnership with Banco Itau and will see BMG gain over $ 5 billion in 5 years. The new bank to be called BMG ITAU PAYROLL is expected to have $ 1 billion as capital. It will be leveraged 11 times and is supposed to fill the need for cheap micro loans. The cost of finance is very high in Brazil, and most Brazilian banks avoid the personal market segment.


Ricardo Guimares says the bank will still stay in -the credit segment. It plans to float bonds in the international market to raise money. Read more here.

China Enacts a New Environmental Law

The Asian countries are known for prevalent environmental pollution. China, India and many other countries are known for the many industries that produce large scale products being sold globally. After the effects of pollution were felt in China and other countries, the country has finally managed to formulate environmental laws that would in future bring the environment degradation activities to a stop. The move has brought speculation in the world as analysts like Frans Schoeman see the move as China’s way of cleaning its name in the world pollution radar. Despite the fact that the law went through, the country still has a long way to go in effectively implementing the law. The laws face challenges in implementation even though there are efforts being made to make it felt by the citizens.

Conflict of Interest
The passing of the law was a good thing for China, but not all stakeholders were happy at the move. On the same note, the persons whose companies are the victims perpetrating the depletion of resources, will not support the move. In fact, they work to ensure that the implementation of the laws fails.
Being that the people who are supposed to implement the law have interests that would be hindered by the law, they frustrate the efforts to bring the law into life.

Challenges of the law
EPL ignores Citizen Rights
The EPL is discerned as one of the most rigorous in the history of environmental protection in China. It fails to acknowledge the basic right to a surrounding fit for life. Many countries including Russian have made provisions in their constitutions and acknowledged rights to environmental quality. Although the new law clearly grants citizens like Frans Schoeman the right to acquire environmental information and participate in environmental control, they are not allowed to bring lawsuits against the government. An efficient public environment conduct of a lawsuit is needed to provide a satisfying compensation to those affected.

Bureaucracy in Government Structures
Environment protection in China is mainly exercised by various bureaus formed. The government provides guides to these bureaus but don’t have a full control over them. Local governments, however, take the full grip of these bodies such that they do not even have the power to inflict extreme penalties to individuals violating the environment. The bureaus also are not in obligation and are less likely to be held responsible if they fail in their duties.

Amending the challenges facing the law
The government has made an effort to limit judicial interference by government officials who normally influence the judges and dictate to them on how to make a ruling on court cases including those affiliated to the EPL. The recent laws passed by Chinese legislators are aimed at imposing heavier fines on companies polluting the environment. The law has a clause that allows for detaining company bosses for fifteen days if they don’t complete environmental impact assessments.

Environment protection in China should be prioritized just like other important state mandates like economic growth and the one-child policy.