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Wonder Woman Holds Strong in Box Office, Most Successful DCU Film To Date

Wonder Woman has surpassed all box office expectations. As Forbes reports, the film crossed the $381 million domestic box office threshold this weekend and is now the third most successful film to ever be released by Warner Bros., not accounting for inflation. The film trails only The Dark Knight Rises ($448 million) and The Dark Knight ($534 million).

The blockbuster is also the highest grossing film ever directed by a woman, Patty Jenkins. The director held only a handful of credits to her name prior to the DC film. With the award-winning Monster and some episodes of critically acclaimed shows Entourage and The Killing, Jenkins may not have seemed like the obvious choice to direct a summer smash hit, but Warner Bros’ risk has paid off. Wonder Woman holds the highest domestic gross of any film not from Universal or Disney since The Hunger Games: Catching Fire ($424 million).

With the smallest budget of any of the DCU films to date, Wonder Woman stands as an anomaly. The film had a reported budget of only $149 million, compared to Suicide Squad’s $175 million, Man of Steel’s $225 million, and Batman v Superman’s rumored $300 million. The cheapest to make and the most successful at the box office, Wonder Woman has already brought in more than 3.5 times its initial cost.

It’s no wonder, then, that a sequel to Wonder Woman, with Patty Jenkins directing once again, is expected to be announced this upcoming weekend at Comic-Con.

‘Wonder Woman’ Has a Historic Debut

We are living in the age of the superhero movie. Batman and Superman have been featured in movies for many years. However, the millions of dollars being made by movies featuring comic book characters have caused the studios to start digging into their stockpile of heroes who have never had their own film. Fox had a huge success in this regard with their ‘Deadpool’ film. Now DC and Warner Bros. are getting in on the act by giving Wonder Woman her own film. She is by far the most prominent female superhero in the history of comics. He first major movie appearance was in ‘Superman vs. Batman’ that received lukewarm reviews. ‘Wonder Woman’ has received much better reviews and audiences have been very enthusiastic about it.


‘Wonder Woman’ had an amazing opening weekend that was much bigger than any of the movie industry experts predicted. It made $103 million in its first three days of release in North America. The opening was big by any standard. However, the opening became historic because it was the largest amount of money made by a film directed by a female in its opening weekend. Exit polling of people who went to see the movie indicate that many people are going to see the film a second time and recommend it to their friends.


One of the most interesting and encouraging stats is the fact that the audience for the film was made up of 52 percent women. This is very significant because comic book movies usually have an audience that is made up of mostly men. The critical and audience approval of ‘Wonder Woman’ is a success that Warner Bros. desperately needed. The studio has put out three consecutive superhero movies that were destroyed by critics and audiences alike. ‘Man of Steel’ and “Suicide Squad’ both received terrible reviews along with the aforementioned ‘Superman vs. Batman.’ It is pretty much a certainty that ‘Wonder Woman’ will get a sequel.


The Mummy to Lose To Wonder Woman

The upcoming Mummy remake which is starring Tom Cruise has opened to some poor reviews. As a result, it is expected to lose to the critically acclaimed Wonder Woman over the weekend. Wonder Woman is actually a fresh break from a bad streak that the DC cinematic universe has been going through. In all honesty, it is not surprising that this version of The Mummy was going to turn out to be stale. After all, it did not seem to have any of the charm of the earlier Mummy movies. This is perhaps done in an effort to distance itself from the other series.


Among the criticisms of the movie were that the action was too stale and the suspense was not good enough. Basically, it was every bit as forgettable as the trailers made it seem. Of course it is not the worst movie made. It is actually mediocre. Therefore, this is one of those movies that are going to be forgotten about in a year. As a matter of fact, it wouldn’t be surprising if people forget about this film within the weekend. Wonder Woman, on the other hand has shown what a good DC movie can be.


Given the rough start that the movies had, some are wondering what it would’ve been like had Christopher Nolan stayed on to direct these films. At the same time, Christopher Nolan had no intention of doing comic book adaptations for the rest of his career. He has gone on to do some other projects such as the WW2 drama, Dunkirk. As with his other films, Dunkirk has plenty of scenes shot in IMAX and is expected to arrive in theatres in 70MM during this summer.