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Doe Deere – on topic article

Do what you love and it won’t seem like work to you. You will flourish and prosper from doing what you have the passion to do. That is what CEO, owner and, founder of one of the most successful make up businesses out there did and guess what it worked. Doe Deere built a successful business from the start of passion.

Starting a successful business requires a lot of attention. You will have to determine what you need, what you have, problems that could occur and have the skill set on how to be able to fix the problems if and when they do occur. Do not get discouraged if there are more than a few obstacles to get through in the beginning. Had Doe Deere given up she wouldn’t have again one of the most successful businesses out there. Learn more:

If you do what comes naturally to you and evolve from what’s already set in you, whether you learned it from living life or whether you were born with it; you will become successful because you won’t be so focused on just the money. You’ll be focused on how to make your business better. You’ll be focused on how to improve and make your business flourish, and the passion to build your business will be there because you are doing something you love and so the money will just flow in.

Doe Deere is passionate about being different and wearing make-up, not how others want to see you wear make-up, but to wear it according to how good it makes you feel. She revolutionized the world of make up so now if blue Unicorn lipstick makes you feel beautiful, you can now feel free to wear it unapologetic-ally. Doe Deere rebelled against what was mainstream, she had a passion to build a business based on just being who you are and expressing unique individuality through make-up. Doe Deere took in what everyone was saying positive and critical, even from those who didn’t like her. She was willing to have no limits in her learning, which is a valuable key to obtaining success. She believed in her vision. People latched on to her positive disposition, from there she built partnerships which increased her productivity. You have to stay positive no matter what or you’ll attract the wrong kind of people for what you trying to do and you won’t flourish.

Do not be discourage if when you’re first starting out things don’t look as picture perfect as your end result you envisioned in your head. Just keep doing and stepping and you will get there. Do you think Doe Deere make-up art was picture perfect in the beginning? No it was not and she is not afraid to talk about it. It was her journey of discovery and experimentation that got her to where she is today.

If you feel that drive, that passion to want to do something incredible with your life shoot for it. Don’t worry about the how because the how will come to you. Don’t be discouraged by set backs or what they say about you. Take it all in and learn from it because it’s all part of the process. Do what you love and the rest will come to you. Learn more:

Helane Morrison And The Rising Need For Competent Compliance Officers

Compliance officer Helane Morrison is part of a rising wave of people being charged with preventing companies from becoming ensnared in compliance issues. Not long ago, compliance officers were a rarity in all but a few industries. Today there are tens of thousands of companies in the United States and worldwide that are beating the bushes looking for competent, experienced compliance officers to help keep their employees out of trouble.

Part of the reason for the rise in the need for compliance officers is the globalization of business. As businesses ply their trade in several countries simultaneously, there is a dire need to make sure patterns of behavior that are acceptable in one country do not violate the laws in another. Further, the local, state, and federal laws governing a growing number of industries continue to multiply and become more complex each year. That leaves many companies playing catch up and forced to tip-toe their way through a maze of new laws and regulations. An effective compliance officer can put policies and procedures in place, ensure they are being followed companywide, and keep businesses from having to pay large fines or have their executives or employees threatened with jail time.

In 2007, Hall Capital Partners LLC hired the ideal chief compliance officer. Her name is Helane Morrison. What made Morrison an inspired hiring is that before being considered for the position, she had spent over 20 years working in law and the education and enforcement division of the Securities and Exchange Commission. Morrison has a law degree from the University of California at Berkeley. She also worked as a clerk first for appellate court judge Richard A. Posner and later for Supreme Court judge Harry Blackmun. She then worked with California based law firm Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin where she was named a partner.

After a decade working at the law firm, Morrison left to become head of regional enforcement for the Securities and Exchange Commission’s San Francisco District Office. Her job included educating businesses about and investigating fraud in Idaho, Montana, Northern California, Northern Nevada, Oregon, Alaska, and Washington. During her 11 years with the SEC Morrison brought several fraud, insider trading, and other types of cases involving a wide range of businesses. This made her the perfect person to help Hall Capital Partners to ensure they are in compliance with the stringent financial industry laws.

Compliance Officers A Necessity in Business

Corporate fraud and scandal is running rampant, and although ethics and compliance officers are present, they are not being given the freedom to exercise their power, according to a Human Resource Executive Online article. The position of a compliance officer is very important to prevent scandal and ensure businesses are ethical. One simple scandal can give a brand a bad reputation beyond repair. However, compliance officers are not able to do what the position is intended to do because of many factors. Lack of real world training is part of the problem as well as being placed in the wrong department of the company. 

Another real problem preventing compliance officers from performing their intended job is the salary. With a salary extremely lower than high powered executives, compliance officers are not taken as seriously. Each business is different and it is hard to find a an ethics and compliance officer who fits in with the company and has the expertise plus the leadership and personality required in the role. 

It is important for compliance officers to have a thorough knowledge of the company and law. An example of a successful compliance officer is Helane Morrison. Currently the Managing Director, General Counsel and Chief Compliance Officer of Hall Capital Partners LLC, Morrison is involved in all facets of the business. Graduating from Northwestern University with a degree in journalism, Morrison decided to go to University of California at Berkley, School of Law where she earned a Doctor of Jurisprudence degree. She began her career in law with Howard, Rice, Nemerovski, Canady, Falk & Rabkin, where she specialized in business litigation and participated in corporate investigations. She also served as law clerk for Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun which you can learn more about on her LinkedIn profile. 

Her experience in law lead her to the SEC, San Francisco Office where she represented the office in all legal matters as well as working in securities enforcement, litigation and regulatory matters. She was a natural fit for Hall Capital as their compliance officer. She ensures ethical practices within the company and compliance with regulations. She also serves on the firm’s executive committee.