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Hugh Jackman Not to Return as Wolverine in Future MCU Movies

There have been tons of talk about Fox being bought by Disney. There are plenty of franchises that Disney is going to be in control of. One of the franchises is X-Men. This means that there is a possibility that one of the beloved mutants could appear in the universe as early as Avengers 4. While this is exciting for many fans, there is one disappointing piece of information to come with this. Hugh Jackman, who has played Wolverine for more than 15 years has stated that he is not likely to return as the raging mutant with healing abilities.

While a lot of fans are protesting this, it is probably for the best of the franchise. As a matter of fact, Hugh Jackman’s return could actually dull the impact of Logan. Also, it is not necessarily the case the Wolverine is going to be the one to appear in the Avengers 4 film. There are plenty of other characters that can take the spotlight. Even though Wolverine has been the fan favorite in the films, the comics were filled with interesting characters that have been sidelined for the films. Fortunately, one thing that is certain is that Phase 4 might be even bigger for the MCU.

One thing that is interesting to note is that some of the stories that have been adapted to the big screen actually involved the X-Men in their comic book incarnation. When putting this into perspective, the X-Men are actually late to the party. Also, a lot of the major stories in the X-Men comics have already been told, and to retell them even in rebooted form could leave an underwhelming experience for the audience.

One good thing is that there is going to be a lot of creativity involved in bringing the X-Men to life. There would be other characters that have not been utilized in the X-Men movies to bring them to life. It is also expected that the characters will actually bear more resemblance to their comic counterparts.