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Wolverine 3 May Finally Have a Title

Wolverine 3 Could Be Titled as Weapon X

Anyone who’s anyone has been waiting to hear more news about the next installment of the Wolverine solo franchise. Luckily for them, they may finally have some answers.

For those who already know, there has been a lot of speculation regarding the story for Wolverine 3 following the “Old Man Logan” storyline from the comics. A lot of pictures on Hugh Jackman’s Instagram page, with him sporting a beard and hat, not unlike the Wolverine in the comic book story, more than give off that vibe. Adding to this is the fact the movie will also take place in the future and will have an “R” rating due to its violent nature.

Despite the movie possibly fitting that story, the movie’s title will not be written as such, as some sources have come out and stated that the movie will be titled “Weapon X.” What’s interesting about this is that on the surface Weapon X seems more in line with Wolverine’s origin story, but it goes beyond his origins and is a major part of the character’s history. Not to mention the fact that other movies have already shown some of Wolverine’s origins.

Other things that could also be included in the movie can be linked to the Weapon X series that started in 2002 and introduced the world to a female clone of Wolverine called X-23. It’s very likely that this could happen but as of now it’s just a rumor.