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UK Wines: A Look at Top Producers

As wine consumers in Italy, France and Spain cut back their consumption in preference for other categories of drinks, globally, sales are being boosted by countries which are only recently embracing wine consumption as the norm.

The UK with about 500 vineyards spread across Wales and England, is a first-class wine-producing region. The wine producing zone covers some 4,500 acres, producing Still and Sparkling Wines. Welsh and English wines have over the years won many prestigious global awards.

Top UK Vintners

Anybody who is serious about assembling a fine wine collection cannot afford to overlook the splendid and diverse array of UK Vintners. These companies are producing some of the best wines in Europe with lots of them scooping major awards year after year. Wondering where to buy the top UK wines online? Click here.

Hush Heath Estate

Tucked away in the beautiful Kent countryside, the Hush Estate is known for producing one of the most exclusive and iconic English Sparkling Wines over the previous one decade. Hush estate is the home of the award winning Balfour Brut Rosé English Sparkling Wine. The estate employs traditional Champagne methods of wine production. Situated close to Staplehurst, Hush Estate also provides tutored wine tastings by winery experts as well as guided tours.

During the guided vineyards tours, visitors will learn about grape viticulture and enjoy a visit to the Hush Heath’s state of the art winery located within the premises where experts explain the process of wine making. The Hush Estate covers 400 acres of ancient oak woodland, apple orchards, and perfectly manicured vineyards.

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Bolney Estate

Bolney Estate in West Sussex has been making wine since 1976 although there were vines grown on this estate from the days of the Domesday Book. It wasn’t, however, until the early 1970s when the Estate was revitalized by Juliet Linter.

The goal of the estate is to produce top quality Sparkling, White, and Red English Wines, something they have achieved with considerable success and in the process winning lots of national and international awards.

Ridgeview Wine Estate

Ridgeview is dedicated to producing Sparkling Wine of the highest quality using traditional methods and a variety of grapes. Ridgeview’s devotion to winemaking and the vineyards has resulted in the estate becoming the proud winners of several global Sparkling Wine awards and trophies.

Nyetimber Estate

Nyetimber was previously a working farm, but in 1988, Stuart and Sandy Moss (the owners), opted to embrace wine-making. Located in West Sussex, it was the first vineyard in England to begin exclusively growing grapes coming from the Champagne region – Pinot Meunier, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir.

They specialize in Sparkling, White and Rose Wines. Blanc de Blancsfrom Nyetimber was awarded a Gold medal during the 2007 International Wine & Spirit Competition.


The English wine industry has in recent years grown in leaps and bounds. There is plenty of growth opportunity in the sector. Although in the years ahead, much of the growth among UK Vintners looks set to be spearheaded by Sparkling Wine, experts like the IWSR are predicting that Still Wine will also have its fair share of the glory.


Professional Wine Shopping Considerations

Many people attend Antique Wine Company’s academy so that they can learn about wines. After the wine specialists share their knowledge and expertise, students understand how to spot cheap wines at grocery stores. Learning how to buy wine is important for people who need classy beverages quickly for an important event.

Tasting is a key requirement when shopping for wine. Other things must also be considered, such as the cost of the wine, the type of wine, and region. New world and old world wines are made in many regions. Many shoppers review these considerations because each consideration narrows down the wine options at stores.

Good wines do not have to be old or expensive. Typically, a good wine is a beverage that has a complex favor that lingers for a while. According to the experts at Antique Wine Company, wine should be swirled, sniffed, and slowly sipped. During the tasting process, the liquid should move around the tongue. Antique Wine Company experts also teach students who to use their taste buds to pinpoint different flavor notes. Besides these techniques, there are many other ways to determine if a wine is worth buying.

At grocery stores, the most important thing to consider is the wine’s appearance. Most wines have nice labels, but shoppers should always inspect the entire package before making a purchase. On the back label, there is usually a lot of information about the beverage. Some manufacturers place details about a wine’s flavor, region, and aging process, and fruits on the back of the bottle.

While shopping, inspect each bottle carefully because some brands have a stamp of approval. If a wine has an review or award seal, it is a very good beverage.

Attending a class at Antique Wine Company’s academy is a great way to learn about wine. A lot of people also contact the company for wine recommendations.