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Writing Wikipedia Articles in Your Spare Time


The internet offers people many chances to engage in activities that they enjoy doing. People find that they can get online and communicate with others in many varied ways. Someone may want to play games online with other people, speak to people around the world to find out about life in other countries or share pictures of their family with friends and distant relatives. Some people also like to get online and share what they know with other people who may share their specific interests and hobbies. People who are able to share what they know with others can learn more about their passions and increase their own understanding of a given topic.

One of the best ways to do so is via a site known as Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a widely used website that people consult many times each day. A typical article posted on Wikipedia may be read by thousands of people in a given time frame. Many such articles will also show up high in the results of a search. This helps the articles and the site gain even more visibility and increase the influence of the site as a source of good information.

People who want to to make a Wikipedia  articles may be pleased to discover just how easy it is to do.  According to, Many articles on the site have been written by users in their spare time. A person may want to write a few articles on a topic they find interesting such as Tudor history or only a single article on an area they know much about such as scientific <a href=”″>research</a> in order to help set standards for that topic such as knitting with a specific type of wool. This can allow users to help influence commonly accepted knowledge that may not be widely known by the public at large.

In this way, someone can write an article and have it viewed by others. They can also learn from others and use their knowledge to help collaborate on an article for the site. Many articles on the Wikipedia website have been seen by many other users. Users are able to correct any mistakes they find on the site via a simple editing process. They can also change the text of many articles on the text in order to help make sure that the article is much more accurate or meets the Wikipedia guidelines more effectively.