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Joseph Bismark Looks To Feed His Spiritual Side

The QI Group’s Joseph Bismark has been discussing the way he keeps his body and his mind mentally fit and active. Bismark plays an important role at QI as one of the founding directors, but also spends his time making sure his spiritual self is cared for with the daily use of meditation and yoga to cleanse his spirit and soul. In an article published by Street Insider, Bismark reveals the routine that keeps him going on a daily basis and makes sure his mind and body are fully focused on work and play.

Joseph Bismark has recently revealed his happiness at playing a more important role at the QI Group, which he has done since 2008 as a director of the company. The role of Bismark in the company headed by Vijay Eswaran has been to lead the group towards a more sustainable future, which has included the installation of a solar array at a QI owned resort and a paperless filing system for the company. The Philippines born businessperson feels the importance of being balanced after he spent a large amount of his childhood living and studying with monks in an isolated region of the country.

Outside the daily grind of the business routine Joseph Bismark is involved in he also spends a large amount of his time in active pursuits to feed both his body and mind. Despite feeling the need to feed his spiritual side, Joseph Bismark uses the latest technology to complete these actions. This includes using apps to monitor his progress in regular bicycle rides and the use of soundcloud to store and share his favorite mantras and chants for his daily meditation and yoga routines.

One of the areas of life that has appealed to Bismark is the pursuit of a more detailed understanding of yoga, which he feels he needs to remain focused. Jospeh Bismark has become a qualified yoga teacher and presides over regular classes at a school in Singapore, which also allows him the chance to continue his own education in both yoga and meditation techniques. By making sure his spiritual side is cared for Bismark feels he can also make sure his body remains fit and his business career is focused in what he needs to do.