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Richard Blair- Wealth solutions

Wealth solution is a registered firm that deals with investment advisory. It is located in the beautiful hill country of bee Cave in the west of Austin, Texas. Richard Blair is the founder and aims at bringing a positive impact in the lives of individuals, their families and businesses. Having obtained world-class education and his natural aptitude in finance, Richard could easily help people in planning and making investments. He founded his firm of wealth solutions in 1994 through which he offered personalized and professional advice on how clients would manage their wealth. He helped them bridge the gap between planning and retirement age. Proper strategies are laid to help them pursue their vision of s successful retirement. Learn more:


Wealth solution relies on three pillars which helps in discovering the financial needs of their clients as well as their retirement needs. These pillars have provided a holistic plan customized for each customer. The first pillar helps clients to lay out their financial plan. It looks at the opportunities, goals, financial strengths and risks tolerance of every client. Wealth solution bases on this pillar to understand the specific needs of every client.


Through the second pillar, wealth solutions develop a long-term strategy which meets specific needs of every client. It is geared towards the client’s investment needs and liquidity. The client’s portfolio is reallocated and managed to reduce risks and enhance performance. The third pillar provides strategies to achieve client’s goals. Various insurance needs like life insurance and annuities are used in its evaluation.


Richard Blair is a financial advisor who works independently. He is the founder of wealth solutions, a company that aims at providing advice on investment, retirement, and strategies of wealth management and preservation. The idea of starting wealth solution was driven by his pursuit to bring a positive impact in the lives of individuals, more so regarding investments and retirement. He helps people accomplish their personal financial goals. Richard holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Houston University.


He is a certified Annuity specialist, Certified Estate and Trust Specialist, a Certified Fund Specialist, a certified income specialist, a Certified Tax Specialist, and a Retirement Income Certified Professional. His family background of teaching helped Blair earn that teaching helps one’s confidence and knowledge to grow. He is married to Joanne and has three children. He also enjoys exercising, golf, bike riding, sports and family vacations.