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How O2Pur Is Different From The Big Companies In The Vaping Industry

The vaping scene has been around for a number of years now. When it started out there were a whole lot of smaller players in the industry. Over time many have either gone out of business or have been acquired by some of the multinational tobacco companies like Philip Morris International, British American Tobacco, and Reynolds-American.

However, there are still plenty of smaller e-cig companies that are doing very well for themselves, primarily because they’re more nimble than the giant corporations could ever hope to be due to their scale alone. These smaller companies offer things like more innovative flavors and a better shopping experience because it’s more low-scale and thus friendlier without the feeling you’re buying something like a muffler instead of a product to enjoy because it all feels so burdensomely corporate.

O2Pur is one of these companies. They sell their products online through their website, They sell a full range of products including vape pens, box mods as well as accessories, and different sizes of premium e juice to enjoy.

The vape pens at O2Pur comes in three varieties. The first one, costing $29, has a standard battery. They also hold 50% off sales where this can be had for just $14.50. The next step up, sold for $39 regular price, $19,50 on special, has their super battery installed in it so it has a much longer charge time. Finally, the King of their pens is the $76, or $38 half-off, has contains a variable voltage battery for maximum charge times.

At O2Pur they sale the premium E juice canisters in three sizes, 10ml, 60ml, and 120ml. There are eight flavors available to their customers including among them menthol, berry cheesecake, Island Breeze, and Butter Pecan. They also feature three strengths of nicotine which are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.

O2Pur has a Twitter page that lets readers know what’s going on in this industry and at this company in particular. They show their current promotions, for example, such as when they recently featured a contest where people buying their products got a promotional amount of money back on the purchase.

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