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Tyler Perry Keeps Drama Movie Addicts Coming Back for More

“Acrimony” is the movie that is boxing out the competition when it comes to films about relationships. This is easy for Tyler Perry to do. This has become the thing that he is known for.

There were already movies for kids in 2018 like “Peter Rabbit” and “A Wrinkle in Time.” There are action packed movies out there like “Black Panther” that have hit the billion-dollar mark. There seemed to be something for everyone, but drama was missing. Perry supplied that.

The great thing about Tyler Perry is that he already has a formula in place. He knows what his fan base is interested in, and this is what allows him to make dramas where the people that support him will come out.

Many moviegoers were interested in seeing what the Taraji P Henson would do when it came to this movie. This is the type of role that she is good with. It is also the type of movie that allows her to do more of the things that are typical when it comes to aggression and fighting back. This is what Tyler Perry uses as the formula that gets moviegoers of the female persuasion to support his films.

There are many people that appreciate what Tyler Perry has done with black cinema. He has proven himself to be a champion when it comes to movies that are designed for relationship dramas. He has become someone that has perfected this in so many ways that it becomes easier for him to do these movies than it is for him to branch out into other areas like comedy. He has tried his hand in various comedy films, but drama seems to be his first love. It is always a thing that keeps people interested in what he is doing.

This movie made over $20 million first weekend. It has grossed twice as much in this time frame since it opened it. The reviews from critics have not been great, but it has still been able to draw a crowd. It has become a common thing for Tyler Perry films to get bad reviews but still do very well at the box office. This all hinges on the support of his fans that love these films.

Tyler Perry Returns with Blockbuster Formula

The Tyler Perry fan base is strong. When ”Acrimony” was released it was number 2 at the box office on the opening weekend. This says a lot about the strength of the Tyler Perry and the fans that support all of his movies. He has proven himself to be a big box office success. This movie has made more than $40 million during the time that it has been in the box office.

There are a ton of people that are looking at the numbers, and some people may wonder how a movie like this could come in second place behind a Steven Spielberg movie. This is a great second spot when one considers the “Ready Player One” blockbuster. People that have come to know Tajai P. Henson are well-aware of the type of work that she does. They know that she has the talent to pull off this type of movie. It was just a matter of getting the word out about the movie.

Tyler Perry has been so busy with all of the televisions shows that he has created on OWN. It seems like there is a lot for Tyler Perry to handle, but he still found time to quietly sneak back into major films with “Acrimony.” This was the perfect time for the movie because Tajai P. Henson is on top of her game with “Empire” and the movie also features other actors from Tyler Perry TV shows. This makes it possible for these actors and actresses to transition from television to movie roles.

The fact of the matter is that Tyler Perry is someone that continues to work hard to go beyond what is expected. He is someone that creates relationship movies where women are wronged by their spouses. It is a formula that continues to draw more and more women to the Tyler Perry group of moviegoers that look forward to his new take on revenge.

There are men that will see this movie, but the core movie base for Tyler Perry films is typically comprised of women. They are the ones that will go to see these movies with their girlfriends. They will go in groups, and sisters and their mothers will also support this girl’s night out type of outing.