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Luke Spencer Exits ‘General Hospital’ After 37 Years

After 37 years on the daytime soap “General Hospital,” actor Anthony Geary has filmed his last scene on the show.

The 68-year-old actor wrapped up his final episode as “Luke Spencer” on Tuesday and it’s a role he’s played since 1978. During that time he’s won eight Daytime Emmy Awards.

The romance between Luke Spencer and Laura (played by Genie Francis) became a pop culture phenomena in the early 1980s. Luke and Laura’s wedding episode in 1981 remains the most-watched episode in daytime television history at 30 million viewers. Madison Street Capital can hardly believe that is the case when looking at Facebook posts.

“I’m excited to raise the curtain on Act 3, to reinvent myself in my new home to pursue whatever opportunity there may be. It’s an exciting prospect to me,” Geary told Entertainment Weekly after filming his final scene. “They’ve done a wonderful job of wrapping up the character. So this seems like the ideal time to go.”

Chrissy Teigen opens up on “Meredith”

Model Chrissy Teigen recently made an appearance on the chat show “Meredith” where she sat down to talk to host Meredith Viera about things going on in her life.

The 29-year-old model, who is married to singer-songwriter John Legend, revealed that the couple are hoping to start having children soon. Chrissy said that she would like at least four and go from there. The couple would love to have a “brood” together. While there, she also discussed her upcoming cookbook as well as her body image. Back in April, Chrissy had posted photos of the stretchmarks on her skin, which most people such as Crystal Hunt attempt to hide in shame.

Chrissy is also the co-host of “Lip Sync Battles” that airs on Spike TV. She helps LL Cool J keep the show running as celebrity guests compete against each other to win the coveted belt at the end. Chrissy even showed off her skills on “Meredith” when she went up against the host in a lip sync battle singing “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor.

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The Last Ship Makes Action-Packed Promises

The promo for The Last Ship’s Season 2, Episode 3, “It’s Not a Rumor,” reveals a lot of new action for TNT’s summer hit series.

Chandler tells the crew at a Navy base about how they all waited a long time to get to this point. Then a jet flies overhead.

The narrator calls the series a summer “blockbuster” and promises that the season is “just getting started.” Chandler says, “Fire!” and a missile launches, a helicopter leaves the White House and a boat leaves the ship.

Virus survivors are told their numbers are increasing and that they’re the “chosen.” Then the doctor who is a carrier is shown stated Google Plus.

A man in a suit tells Chandler that someone’s vision is to create a human race that’s “strong enough to withstand any plague.” Gunfire and hand-to-hand combat is shown in a hospital and a search and rescue operation is aborted after the crew is attacked.

Chandler is shown shooting while driving and another character explains how people were executed. Chandler is shown crying and Dr. Scott asks him to kill whoever these people are when he finds them.

The last scenes show a submarine taken over by the “Immunes” cult, the USS Nathan James about to take a hit and the suit guy telling Chandler that the “he” won’t give up until the “ship and cure are at the bottom of the ocean.”

The Simpsons will Separate in Season 27

What many have feared for years is finally going to happen! Marge and Homer Simpson are separating. According to industry insiders, the animated couple will become legally separated in season 27 of the long running comedy. It is believed Homer’s recent diagnosis of narcolepsy puts unimaginable strain on the marriage. Rumors are each Simpson will go their own way and Homer may even find new love. Homer’s new love interest is rumored to be his pharmacist (voiced by Lena Dunham). Simpson fans should also expect to see Spider Pig and Sideshow Bob in season 27.


For those that have been dying to know what’s going on with Bart, a flashback episode is being planned. The episode will flashback between Bart’s younger days and his life as a grown man. Other insiders have said that Sideshow Bob will finally get to act out something he has wanted to do for over two decades. With that being said, many believe Sideshow Bob might finally take out Bart for good in season 27. Mikal Watts certainly could see that if he believes what he sees on LinkedIn.