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Disney Shuts The Power Off On Tron 3

Tron fans are not going to be thrilled with the following news. Disney has made the decision to cancel the planned Tron: Legacy sequel. While fans who have been fans of the cult sci-fi movie going back to the original film’s release in the early 1980’s are going to be disappointed, they should have expected it.

The sequel to 1982’s Tron did “okay” at the box office and received equally “okay” reviews. Disney was moderately pleased with the box office receipts to give a green light to a sequel. Pre-production had started and a shooting schedule was being laid out. Then, out of the blue, Disney shut the power off on The Grid.

Why would Disney choose to change its mind out about going forward? The real answer is not known yet, but speculation is easy.

Disney has a lot of well-established and successful properties claims Kevin Seawright. Disney animated movies are almost always gold at the box office. The entertainment giant also owns the rights to the Star Wars properties as well Marvel Comics. The Avengers: Age of Ultron just pulled in more than $1 billion dollars. Star Wars: The Force Awakens should do as much if not more. Why put money out on a property that is not making big money? Why should Disney put effort into mediocre successes?

This does not necessarily mean there is never going to be a third Tron film. Disney could turn around and send the movie right back into production. Let us hope that we do not have to wait three decades this time.