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Will Tron 3 Happen?

The original Tron film dazzled 1982 filmgoers with its futuristic inside-the-computer action scenes. The 2010 sequel was less ground-breaking, but a decent effort. Fans waiting for Tron 3 have some reason to hope, and some reason to despair.

As ScreenRant reports, Joseph Kosinki, who directed the sequel, Tron: Legacy, says that “TRON 3 is in cryogenic freeze.” At one point, the third Tron installment’s script was 80% complete, but Kosinki says it is difficult to get the movie made because it would not necessarily be successful as the Star Wars and Marvel movies that Disney is currently churning out.

Will we have to wait another thirty years for the next Tron installment? Disney has invested billions in its Star Wars acquisition and is manufacturing Marvel films at breakneck speed. It does seem that the Tron franchise has been placed on the backburner. A thirty-year wait would be agonizing for Tron diehards.

There is hope for an earlier Tron 3 release, though. Tron has a cultural relevance that is likely to coincide with near-term developments in the real world. Between Tron and Tron: Legacy, the internet was born and spread all over the world. That technological progress made the Tron franchise relevant in 2010. In the next few years, virtual reality is likely to grow and spread, as well. By 2020, the time could be right for a VR-themed Tron movie, and cultural relevance could persuade Disney to get this movie made.

Kosinski has not revealed the plot of Tron 3, but VR would certainly provide an obvious avenue for the story. In the next Tron installment, perhaps many real-world humans will be drawn into the world of Tron through their VR gear, fighting battles that seem like games but are actually real.

Whatever the story turns out to be, Tron 3 will definitely draw out its cult followers. With some appropriate cultural relevance, it could be a major hit in its own right.