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Trolls Trailer Released

As reported in a recent article by Nerdist, Dreamworks just released the first trailer for its upcoming “Trolls” movie. In advance of the trailer release, Justin Timberlake’s new hit for the movie, “Can’t Stop the Feeling,” has been taking the radio waves by storm. There is no word yet on whether Timberlake will be performing any other songs as part of the movie’s soundtrack, but his latest pop hit has sparked plenty of curiosity so far about the new Trolls movie.

Along with Timberlake, Anna Kendrick stars as “Poppy,” one of the protagonists and energetic leader of the Trolls who has tons of positive vibes to go around. From what we can tell so far form the new trailer, the movie centers around an attack on the Troll community by a larger, menacing species called the Bergen. Timberlake’s character, “Branch,” and Poppy work together to help their fellow Trolls fight off the Bergen and save their community form extinction. The movie appears to feature plenty of cute characters and colorful scenes with creative animation. There are plenty of other A-list stars included in the cast of goofy characters, such as Gwen Stefani, James Corden, Russell Brand, Icona Pop and more. With a star-studded cast and playful animation, this movie is set to be a hit for children and adults alike. Audiences should expect a fun, heart-warming adventure filled with laughs and upbeat music along the way. Trolls is scheduled to be released in theaters around the country on November 4, 2016.