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Dr. Mark McKenna: Affecting Multiple Facets of Healthcare

When you set out to start your career some of the most important things that one to your success are the things that motivate you to be better than you were. For some people that drive to succeed is simply not strong enough and their dreams fall by the wayside. Dr. Mark McKenna never felt as though that was an option for his dreams. A CrunchBase article entitled “A Glimpse into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna” discusses his budding medical aesthetics company and the drive that he has to help it succeed.

For a very early age, Dr. Mark McKenna knew that he wanted to contribute to the medical field. To that end, he enrolled himself Tulane medical school where he graduated and began work as both a surgeon and general medical practitioner. While he was initially committed to the medical field there was always a pull towards something more entrepreneurial. He had felt a desire to grow something from the ground up after seeing the medical practice that his father held. This spirit is one of the contributing factors that helped him create and then sell ShapeMed to the company Lifetime Fitness Inc. for a substantial profit.

His newest endeavor is OVME. OVME is all about elective surgery and the process of making it a more patient-focused experience. The reason why something like OVME was so important to Dr. Mark McKenna is that he had worked in the medical field and he saw the growing need for professionals who were patient-focused in this field. It can become a little jailing to work in an industry where a lot of the work is not necessary. The problem is that even though the procedures might say that they are elective it does not mean that it’s an optional thing for the patient. They may be engaging in this process for several reasons, and these doctors could potentially be changing their lives. Dr. Mark McKenna has created a way for professionals to provide a better standard of care for these individuals through his practice OVME. It is his hope that his legacy will impact many facets of healthcare.

The innovation of the implants by Dr. Mark Mofid

The gluteal augmentation is not something that will commonly be heard in the news. By accident when the name is heard most of the times it’s because of the malpractice or the medical accident. Some changes are being seen because of Dr. Mark Mofid, and things are changing for the better. There are so many reasons why Dr. Mark Mofid will be known in the cosmetic medical community. One reason why he is recognized as someone who knows what he is talking about is that he has university education from two universities Harvard and Johns Hopkins University. But apart from the training that he has, over the years he has demonstrated that he can be an industry innovator.

Mofid has gained the reputation of the people because of the status that he has and through his practices he ensures that he adheres to the medical safety. The patients at the gluteal augmentation will ask for the large implant that is not uncommon. But with that, the patients will be taken advantage off so that to pay more but that’s not what Dr. Mark Mofid does he ensures that the safety of the patients will come first. By doing so, he will provide the practices that are entirely safe. That’s why he is at the forefront by doing researches on ways that he can use to do better than what has been done before.

The approach that Dr. Mark Mofid will use is supported by science to get the innovations, scrutinize the details and thinking in a broadway. With the knowledge that he as when it comes to the skin, muscles system and fat have been able to put him in a position to understand things from a different angle. For over eight years that’s how long Dr. Mark Mofid has spent working on the specific ways of carrying out the surgeries. He refuses to follow how thing have been running in the past and he works on coming up with new ideas. That is what has led him to research and come up with the superior gluteal implant.  

Dr. Mark McKenna Is Working To Better The Lives Of Fellow Community Members Through His Company OVME

Dr. Mark McKenna is a medical maverick, entrepreneur, and the CEO of OVME, which is a company that is looking to offer people a fresh medical aesthetic experience to make them look and feel their best. McKenna recently sold his business idea ShapeMed to Lifetime Fitness and was more than happy to reinvest in his new business idea. The OVME offices in the Buckhead area are looking to offer clients luxury treatment rooms and private offices for consultations. McKenna commented recently that OVME is in business to refresh a stale aesthetic medical industry with its offerings and through technology that is looking to give elective healthcare a makeover.

Dr. Mark McKenna has always impressed his patients, and he is a celebrity of sorts in his own community that is known to advocate and work for his patients. His procedures are minimally invasive, and for years he has worked to create a client-facing business model that is transparent. part of the excitement about OVME stems from the fact that it is moving away from a one-size-fits-all business model and moving towards individual care that uses modern technology to ensure its success. Along with skin and facial offerings, OVME is focusing on providing its patients with Botox and Dysport injections to make them look and feel more youthful and also plans on offering other health and body services.

Dr. Mark McKenna is proud to be a part of giving back to his community, but this isn’t the first time he has done so. he grew up in New Orleans and was there when Hurricane Katrina struck. He watched as his own business interests and those of many others were wrecked by the hurricane, and he also witnessed the massive loss of homes in the area. Instead of running away, he stayed around for years to ensure that people had homes. He helped to build many of these with his own hands, which went to house low and middle-income families. Dr. Mark McKenna is looking forward to continuing to be a part of the community he lives in, and he knows that OVME is going to change the lives of many people in the area.

Read About The Latest Cancer Care Treatment Options At CTCA And WebMD Online Sites

Interested parties can read all about the latest cancer care treatment options at CTCA and WebMD online sites. Cancer Treatment Centers of America prides itself on respectful cancer treatment with supplemental cancer education plans. Every adult patient being treated by CTCA will get a custom treatment plan that is very specific to their personal disease process. This competent and caring healthcare provider holds cancer education a high priority in treating cancer patients. When individuals have the knowledge about their own health status, they can better prepare for the course of treatments that are best suited to them. Cancer education is crucial in the fight of CTCA and other cancer specialists in lowing that high cancer mortality rate.

Most people will be somehow affected by a cancer diagnosis in their lifetimes. Some will develop this frightening disease, and others will have family members or close friends that learn that they have cancer. CTCA has opted to get more cancer education out to the vast pool of online browsers. This healthcare organization has actively joined forces with the well liked WebMD site to perform this educational goal. WebMD is best known for reporting on the latest news in healthcare. CTCA and WebMD currently have easy-to-read articles and posts on the most up-to-date cancer facts, treatments and additional cancer support programs.

Cancer Treatment Centers of America has long known that treating cancer often becomes a family affair. Although this healthcare facility treats the patient with a cancer diagnosis, the worried patient families are often clueless as to what they can do. These easier online articles are enabling these family members, patients and close friends to conduct some research regarding a specific cancer diagnosis. Most individuals that have grown up with computers in their classrooms are proficient in computer use. These people will often turn to the Internet first with any questions relating to healthcare.

WebMD is a phenomenal way for individuals to perform a private search on cancer information. These searches may be done from the person’s comfortable home environment. As the Internet never closes its doors the way that many healthcare facilities do, individuals can search at any time, day or night, to find the latest strategies in cancer care and more. Cancer Treatment Centers of America is charging forward with their continued promotion of factual, up-to-date and proven accurate cancer care details. Online users can now find relevant cancer information online.

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A Better Route To A Healthier Lifestyle

We are living in some of the most modern of times and the 21st century displays this better than any other era. Technology is in abundance, and technology has helped to revolutionize the game. When it comes to health solutions, there is one guy that has made a name for himself, and he represents New Orleans to the fullest. Dr. Mark McKenna is one of the most proficient figures in the health & wellness field of work. This guy has founded some of the top aesthetic-medical facilities in the U.S. OVME has played an outstanding role in elective healthcare, and it does a remarkable job of bridging the gap between health-conscious consumers and healthcare providers. The company believes that excellence can be achieved through attention to detail. OVME has a welcoming atmosphere, and it can be accessed via an advanced-mobile platform.

The company’s creative caregivers are highly trained to deliver top-notch cosmetic procedures that are age-appropriate. Dr. Mark McKenna has found a winning solution, but this only scratches the surface. The company ShapeMed, which proceeded OVME, was one of Atlanta’s favorite boutique institutions. The company was simply an aesthetic- medical practice that offered the services of hormonal therapies, Juvederm, Botox and other non-invasive procedures. When it comes to dominating the field and being successful, few aesthetic companies could outperform ShapeMed and this is how Dr. Mark McKenna envisioned it to be. Pushing the envelope of medical aesthetics was what the company did the best.

Dr. Mark McKenna has helped people regain their confidence in a number of ways. He is a well-respected medical doctor as well as well-respected businessman. The New Orleans-native has dominated health & wellness, but he also has education in business and finance. To simply state it, a better route to a healthier lifestyle is the epitome of Dr. Mark McKenna’s essence.

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Neurocore’s Innovative Treatments Give Hope To Those Suffering From Depression

Neurocore Brain Performance Centers uses innovative assessments and training programs to help people improve their concentration and enjoy a good night’s sleep. With their data based approach, Neurocore has become a national leader in applied neuroscience. There are multiple Neurocore Brain Performance Centers throughout Florida and Michigan.

Neurocore offers people a number of different brain diagnostics tests to help analyze their brainwaves. Some of the tests include; Heart Rate Variability, Electroencephalogram, and Integrated Visual and Auditory Continuous Performance test. The biofeedback and neurofeedback training that Neurocore offers has helped people deal with ADHD, PTSD, TBI, headaches, sleep disorders, stress, and depression, among other issues. Visit to know more about Neurocore.

Depression is an illness that Neurocore treats very seriously. Depression affects millions of people every year. Here is a closer look at this important issue.

Multiple Types of Depression

Major Depressive Disorder involves someone having low self esteem levels and dealing with sadness for multiple days. Seasonal Affective Disorder occurs when someone is sad due to a lack of sunlight. Other types of depression include Postpartum and Persistent Depressive Disorder.

Depression Can Be Inherited

For many people, a traumatic event such as abuse, the death of a loved one, or financial problems can cause depression. However, data has linked genetics to depression. People who have family members that have went through depression are more likely to deal with it at some point.

Depression Can Hurt Your Physical Health

Research has shown that depression can cause headaches, stomach problems, and cause people to have shortness of breath.


There Are No Specific Symptoms For Depression

Symptoms of depression can differ from person to person. Common signs that most people with depression go through include; feelings of sadness, lack of sleep, and weight loss. Other people might suffer from high functioning depression where it appears that someone is doing okay, but on the inside, they are seriously hurting.

Depression Can Be Treated

If you are suffering from depression, try to treat it early on before your symptoms get worse. Common treatment involves a mixture of therapy and medication. With increased financial support towards depression research, more treatment options should become available. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.