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Transformers The Movie: A Home Video History

Transformers The Movie has a very interesting history following its release in theaters. After the box office failure, it has found its way to home video. However, there is an interesting thing that occurred between the theater and home video release. The film remained uncut in visual content. However, a bit of dialogue was removed for home video. This involved a curse word uttered by spike. One thing to note was that the viewers were shooting for a PG rating so that they could get more showtimes. They just added the curse word in theatrical releases so that they could be granted the PG rating.

Later releases of the movie on VHS in Canada would bring back the swear word. Then Kid Rhino would pick up the rights to Transformers and release it on VHS and DVD. An interesting thing to note is that the VHS version is without the swear word, and the credits is replaced with a Star Wars style scroll. The DVD version is remastered to look in a way that people are not used to it looking. All versions of Transformers The Movie after the theatrical release have looked rather grainy and dull in color. The new DVD version has more bold colors, and it actually looked like a new movie. It also reinstated the swear word. As a matter of fact, one of the chapters on the DVD has the name swear word.

Another thing to note is that all of the releases of the movie up to 2000 have been in the aspect ratio of 4:3. There has been content released on it that talked about the cinematographic process of Transformers The Movie. The full screen version of the film is an open matte version of a matted widescreen print. There would be more information on the top and bottom of the frame which is typical of films shot for the aspect ratio of 1.85:1.

In 2006, for the 20th Anniversary, Sony Music Entertainment has released a widescreen version of Transformers The Movie. As expected the picture is matted. However, there is a bit more information on the sides of the widescreen version which makes it roughly how it was in its original release.

Now, there is a new blu-ray with a 4K transfer of Transformers The Movie which is being prepared for release. There is a lot of new detail revealed that long time viewers can enjoy.

Transformers The Movie Gets The 4K Treatment

Transformers The Movie is getting a remaster in 4k for the 30th anniversary. The results of the transfer are actually really good. While it is not quite as high in resolution as the 35mm prints were, there have been a lot of corrections and detail additions made to the movie image. The 30th anniversary edition is going to be available on blu-ray pretty soon. One of the things that 4K reveals is all of the little details in scenes such as the birth of Galvetron or the introduction of Unicron that just didn’t make it to VHS or DVD. They weren’t even on the recent blu-ray or original 35mm release.

In order to restore the film in its original glory, they have gone to the original animation cells so that they can make the necessary connections to the scenes. This results in the clearest detail as well as a film that looks so new that one would forget that it was made back in 1986. This is quite a good treatment for a film that has not fared well in its initial run in movie theaters. However, it has grown a cult following for the content that the film presented to movie goers.

One of the reasons that the film didn’t do so well in theaters was because of the brutal content that unfolded before audiences. The tone of the film was much darker than in the TV series. In fact, the TV series was more of a fun and happy series. The movie has taken on a grim and even violent tone. For one thing, a lot of the autobots got killed off within the first 10 minutes of the film. That was a lot to take in for kids that were accustomed to these autobots. This has also sent parents running out of the theater. Fortunately, Transformers The Movie has found its audience on home video and has grown in popularity due to the interesting occurrences in home video releases.